RFK, Jr. says corporate media are giving him the Trump treatment

by WorldTribune Staff, June 22, 2023

Pro-Biden regime media are clearing the deck for Joe Biden to shuffle on to the 2024 Democrat presidential nomination by actively trying to sabotage Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign, Kennedy said.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: ‘I read some of these articles, and they’re just a string of distortions and of outright deceptions.’

“There seems to be an almost frantic need to discredit me, to marginalize me, to vilify me,” Kennedy told SiriusXM’s “The Briefing with Steve Scully”.

The media’s treatment of his campaign has prompted Biden’s challenger to claim he is “getting the Trump treatment,” Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard noted.

“People are reduced,” Kennedy said, “to name calling and to outright invention. I, you know, I read some of these articles, and they’re just a string of distortions and of outright deceptions.”

Kennedy said voters should look elsewhere than the corporate media for stories on his campaign since the pro-Biden press routinely runs pieces distorting and mocking his positions on issues such as the Covid shots.

“There is not a charitable view toward me in the mainstream media,” Kennedy said. “The only thing I would say is that I would urge people not to believe the things that they’re reading about me in the mainstream media, but, you know, listen to my own words and not accept the characterizations as necessarily true.”

Soon after announcing his candidacy in April amid a constant barrage of negative press, Kennedy has shot to 20 percent in some polling. A recent YouGov survey found that voters view Kennedy more favorably than Biden.

Kennedy told Scully that one of his top goals is to win in New Hampshire and build on that for a national victory:

“We have a 50-state strategy. We’re putting organizations together right now in all 50 states. I’m in Vermont today, and I’m meeting with the leadership of our state committee in this state, and we’re doing that all around the country. So we plan to fight on the ground in every state in this country to get the Democratic nomination.”

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