Retired Chinese general makes the case for invasion as U.S. arms sales boost Taiwan

FPI / July 17, 2020

By Richard Fisher

On July 9, on the popular WeChat social media platform, retired People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Major Gen. Wang Haiyun, former Chinese Defense Attache to Russia, published a detailed justification for China to invade the democratic island of Taiwan.

Retired Major Gen. Wang Haiyun

Though it did not garner much attention amid competing headlines, Gen. Wang’s call is noteworthy in that it comes at a time of active PLA preparations for military conflict against Taiwan, as the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) 40-year effort to achieve “unification” with Taiwan by political-economic and military pressures shows little sign of succeeding.

Wang begins his article by noting that due to the increased power of the Democratic Progressive Party over the Kuomintang, “It is no longer possible to restore Taiwan by peaceful means.”

He also believes that China has the power to undertake a military campaign, and that China’s power position in Asia cannot be advanced without taking over the island.

He also thinks China has the diplomatic power to convince most countries to accept a Chinese military conquest of Taiwan.

He says it is the “right time” to consider military action. To succeed, Wang first wants the CCP to mobilize the nation, set the state run media to educate the nation, and strengthen the “Anti Secession Law” to isolate “independence” force in Taiwan and make arms sales to Taiwan illegal.

So does he want China to start arresting executives of U.S. military companies that sell weapons to Taiwan?

Wang also wants the PLA to increase military pressure around the island as “United Front” activities seek to sow dissention in the Taiwan military.

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