Republicans on Wayne County Michigan Board of Canvassers rescind agreement after threats to their families


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Republicans William Hartmann, left, and Monica Palmer, have refused to certify Wayne County, Michigan’s election results after threats to them and their families. / Video Image

The evening before the two Republican canvassers on the Wayne County elections board signed the affidavits, President Donald Trump spoke with both Monica Palmer and William Hartmann on Tuesday after the second vote to certify the results, sources tell ABC News.

Palmer, who is the chair of the board, told the Detroit Free Press that she spoke with the president about the threats to her safety. “He was checking to make sure I was safe after seeing/hearing about the threats and doxxing,” she said, without saying to the outlet if she discussed her decision on Wednesday to rescind her final vote.

The two GOP members on the county board of canvassers disavowed their decision to certify their county’s results, a day after the deadline, in a pair of affidavits signed late Wednesday night.


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