Reports: ‘Baby Barack’ lived in Chaz/Chop

by WorldTribune Staff, June 21, 2020

Did Barack Obama spend the first year of his life in what is now Chaz/Chop?

It appears so.

‘Throughout the Obama years, the very same journalists who mocked ‘birthers’ made a hash out of Obama’s nativity story, the story on which he built his candidacy.’

When Obama’s mother moved to Seattle after leaving his father, a fact media hid throughout the Obama presidency, they lived in the Capitol Hill area in an apartment which might be called “Greater CHAZ,” a columnist noted.

In his 1995 memoir, “Dreams from My Father,” Obama claimed his father left Hawaii in 1963, when he “was only 2 years old.”

Jack Cashill, author of the forthcoming book, “Unmasking Obama: The Fight to Tell the True Story of a Failed Presidency”, noted that “unchallenged by the major media, Obama continued to peddle this fiction throughout his presidency.”

Cashill added: “It sustained what Obama biographer David Remnick called Obama’s ‘signature appeal: the use of the details of his own life as a reflection of a kind of multicultural ideal.’ Like much of what Obama said, it was false.”

In 2008, citizen journalist Michael Patrick Leahy’s research, which culminated in an 8,000-word chapter in his self-published book, “What Does Barack Obama Believe?”, Obama’s father did not leave Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, in Hawaii.

Rather, it was Dunham who “left Barack Obama Sr. in Honolulu and moved into her own apartment in Seattle, Washington.” Leahy backed up his claim with school records from the University of Washington, as well as records from the apartments Dunham rented.

“As it happens, the one place where the tale of Ann Dunham’s Seattle hegira percolated was on the ‘Capitol Hill Seattle Blog,’ Wrote “jseattle” on Jan. 7, 2009, “There is no doubt baby Barack lived on the hill. It was a tumultuous time in his young mother’s life.”

Cashill noted that “Other locals happily chimed in with details, not realizing they were undoing the work the media had done to preserve the Obama mythology.”

Dunham’s apartment, at 516 13th Ave. E, was located in what might be called “Greater CHAZ/CHOP,” just a few blocks beyond the current borders of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone or Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP).

Three books favorable to Obama provided inaccurate timelines of Obama’s residing in Seattle, Cashill noted.

“It was not until 2012 that (David) Maraniss owned up to the ongoing fraud of Obama’s storied nativity,” Cashill wrote.

In his book, “Barack Obama: The Story”, Maraniss reported that Dunham left Hawaii for Seattle with baby in tow in late August 1961 – when Obama was officially no more than 3 weeks old – and she did not come back to Hawaii until after Barack Sr. had left for Harvard.

In his heavily researched 2017 biography, “Rising Star,” civil rights historian David Garrow “finally stripped Obama’s ‘multicultural ideal’ of all its romance,” Cashill noted.

According to Garrow, “[T]he young couple never chose to live together at any time following the onset of Ann’s pregnancy.” Dunham left Hawaii as soon as the baby was old enough to travel, and Obama Sr. may never have even seen the child.

Garrow quotes approvingly one unnamed scholar to the effect that Obama Sr. was no more than “a sperm donor in his son’s life.”

“Throughout the Obama years, the very same journalists who mocked ‘birthers’ made a hash out of Obama’s nativity story, the story on which he built his candidacy,” Cashill noted.

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