Report: Trump 8 times more accessible to hostile press than Biden to friendlies

by WorldTribune Staff, August 20, 2020

Since mid-July, President Donald Trump has taken 700 percent more questions from a media that is mostly hostile to him than Joe Biden has taken from a media that is mostly friendly to him, a columnist noted.

As the major media is content to allow Joe Biden to camp out in his basement, it still relentlessly pursues President Donald Trump.

“One of the most remarkable aspects of newly bashful Joe Biden’s march to the Democratic presidential nomination has been his avoidance of the press and his refusal at times to even entertain questions,” Paul Bedard wrote for the Washington Examiner on Aug. 17.

A Biden press conference usually consists of the Democrat candidate reading from a teleprompter or notebook and then leaving without taking questions. Of course, the major media which supports him plays along and doesn’t criticize Biden for not being engaged with them.

Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller said, “Voters can tell who wants the job of president and who doesn’t, and they won’t reward a candidate like Joe Biden who is afraid to take simple questions from the press.”

During a 28-day stretch from July 19 to Aug. 15, 41 of the questions Biden did face from the media came in a prerecorded interview via his computer with the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

During that same period, Trump answered more questions in three separate interviews.

As Biden remained anchored in his basement, Trump resumed his coronavirus press briefings, took questions at other West Wing events, and fielded inquiries from the gaggles in the White House press pool, Bedard noted.

Biden’s supporters “want him to continue his strategy of avoiding the media because it puts a focus on Trump and doesn’t seem to be hurting his polling numbers,” Bedard wrote.

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