Report: Only 1 type of paper was approved for Marciopa 2020 ballot … 10 types were used

by WorldTribune Staff, September 25, 2023

Maricopa County in Arizona is the only place in America where voters in 2020 were allowed to examine all of their own ballots after certification.

The Arizona state Senate authorized and supervised the audit by voter-volunteers. What they found was “a lot of problems,” Rasmussen Reports has revealed.

One of the discoveries which stood out to Rasmussen was the paper used for the Maricopa ballots.

The report stated that only one type of paper was approved for the ballots, but 10 different types of paper were used in the 2020 election.

“What does that tell you? Well, for most critical thinkers, that would mean there were a whole helluva lot of fake ballots out there, to the tune of about 200K,” Revolver News noted of the Rasmussen report.

Joe Biden reportedly won Arizona by less than 11,000 votes.

Rasmussen notes: “ICYMI (in case you missed it): All counted ballots in Maricopa County are printed on 80lb VoteSecure ballot paper. Except they weren’t. 10 different types/weights of paper were found by the volunteers who examined the 2.1M ballots.”

In a series of social media posts, Rasmussen unveiled additional issues:

One election worker described witnessing the ballot count: “I would watch the ballots go by, and there were odd patterns. 7 of those ballots were for Biden, 1 for Trump, 7 for Biden, 1 for Trump, 7 for Biden, 1 for Trump. That clearly doesn’t .. that’s not statistically possible.” (Fake ballots were found).

“There were a lot of things we noticed that were not organic,” the election worker said. “The bubbles being filled in absolutely perfect. It was obviously not done by a human hand – as though they were printed. A human being did not do that.” (To do this requires proprietary AZ ballot software access.)

Revolver News added: “According to the regime-run media, these are all ‘baseless claims.’ It’s interesting that reports, witnesses, whistleblowers, and the like only seem to matter when Dems lob accusations. The genuinely disheartening truth is that mainstream independent investigative journalism is dead. This is a big reason why this level of corruption continues unchallenged and unchecked.”

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