Report: New N. Korean prison camps filled by Covid violations, ‘anti-socialist behavior’

FPI / September 29, 2021


For those who run afoul of North Korea’s rules against “non-socialist” activities, and others caught breaking Covid-19 quarantine protocols, the Kim Jong-Un regime has reportedly built new prison camps.

May 2021 overview of Sŏnhwa-dong Prison-Labor Camp.

Even with the construction of the new camps, North Korea is failing to keep up with the skyrocketing numbers of prisoners breaking the new rule against “reactionary” thought, the Daily NK reported on Sept. 27.

One of the new camps is in North Pyongan Province’s Pihyon County, the Daily NK said. It is the third new political prison camp constructed in recent months.

North Korea is apparently continuing to build new facilities as existing facilities fill up amid intensified efforts to crack down on rule breakers.

North Korea built new political prison camps run by the Ministry of Social Security in Sungho-ri and Pyongsan County, North Hwanghae Province, last year and early this year, the report said.

Many of the prisoners at the Sungho-ri and Pyongsan County camps are there for infractions of Covid protocols and violations of North Korea’s law against “reactionary” thought and culture. Likewise, the Pihyon County camp largely holds people picked up for “non-socialist” activities.

U.S.-based Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK) had previously announced the existence of a facility presumed to be a labor camp in Pihyon County.

However, the Daily NK reported it had confirmed that the facility in question “is not a labor camp, but a political prison camp.”

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