Report: Huge chunks of border wall cut out along drug-trafficking route

by WorldTribune Staff, September 14, 2021

Large sections of the U.S. southern border wall have been gouged out along a notorious drug smuggling route at the Arizona-Mexico border, giving drug traffickers easy access to the United States, a report said.

Section of border wall in Arizona that was cut out. / Julian Conradson / Gateway Pundit

At least a half dozen sections of the wall had been removed along just one five-mile stretch at the Arizona border, Julian Conradson reported for Gateway Pundit on Sept. 12.

“According to a local guide who has been to the wall multiple times since it was constructed, the cutout sections are new, as of the past couple of months, and had previously been fully intact along this particular stretch,” Conradson noted.

President Donald Trump had made securing the border a top priority. Some 245 miles of wall were constructed along the Arizona-Mexico border during the Trump administration, cutting off countless access points that had been used by illegals for years.

Joe Biden ordered an immediate halt to border wall construction on Jan. 20.

“Now, the trails have been opened up again since President Trump left office,” the report noted. “Smugglers are now free to go back and forth as they please. All they need to do is look both ways and make sure there is no agent in sight – and thanks to the fiasco border agents are dealing with, there usually isn’t one.”

At the El Paso Sector in Texas, attacks by smugglers and drug traffickers against Border Patrol agents have nearly doubled in the past year, officials say.

“Any infrastructure is helpful to us,” Richard Barragan, a Border Patrol agent in the sector, told the New York Post. “These are just some of the challenges we face every day.”

Agents working in the El Paso Sector, which patrols 125,000 square miles between Texas and New Mexico, have detained more than 155,000 people in fiscal year 2021, which ends Sept. 30 — almost triple the 54,396 in all of FY2020.

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