Report: Blanket media coverage of nationwide student walkout pushed 5 false assumptions

by WorldTribune Staff, March 15, 2018

The March 14 nationwide student “walkout” to protest gun violence was not the authentic expression of outrage mainstream media made it out to be, an analysis said.

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Joel B. Pollak, senior editor-at-large at Breitbart News, noted “five lies” the MSM recycled throughout the day:

1. The walkout was staged by students.

“In most schools, especially elementary schools, the walkout was organized by teachers, administrators, and liberal parents,” Pollack noted. “Nationwide, the walkout was coordinated by the Women’s March, an anti-Trump organization that has a soft spot for radical anti-semites like Louis Farrakhan. Big media companies, especially CNN, publicized the protest. Students were involved, but not in charge.”

2: The walkout was voluntary.

“Younger children cannot stay in classrooms by themselves, and they cannot opt out,” Pollack wrote. “Older children in some schools were reportedly allowed to stay behind, but many were less likely to do so given pressure from adults and peers. Somehow, the liberals who argue against prayer in public schools – even a generic ‘moment of silence’ – because of fears of religious coercion are creating a coercive political environment.”

3: The walkout was not about gun control.

“Organizers pulled a sly bait-and-switch,” Pollack wrote. “At my daughter’s school, for example, staff and the PTA organized a ‘peace and kindness assembly.’ The principal told parents, via e-mail: ‘There will be NO mention of school shootings, guns, or violence of any kind.’ But the PTA said: ‘Schools across the country and state are supporting their students as they show their support for greater gun control.’ They minimize objections by selling ‘peace’ to parents, then maximize impact by pushing ‘gun control’ in the media.”

4: The walkout was non-partisan.

“The groups involved in organizing the walkout are all left-wing and Democrat-aligned,” Pollack noted. “Few, if any, schools bothered to provide an alternative point of view about the importance of the Second Amendment, or about arming qualified teachers and staff to intercept and deter possible attackers.”

5: If you oppose the walkout, you support violence against children.

“This is the most pernicious lie of all, and real message of the protests,” Pollack wrote. “The goal of the ‘walkout’ – aside from mobilizing Democrats against gun-clinging Republicans in a midterm election year – is to shame Second Amendment supporters into silence and conformity. It amounts to exploiting our children, as well as those 17 deaths in Florida, for political purposes.”

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