Real question after Trump speech: Will elites allow him to ever rule again?

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Jeffrey T. Kuhner

Former President Donald Trump is back. This was the real message of his Sunday speech to CPAC.

Trump laid out his vision for the Republican Party and the country. He brilliantly contrasted the disaster of the Biden regime versus the successes of his administration. Trump rightly touted his record on jobs, economic growth, securing the southern border and making America energy independent.

Meanwhile, in just one month in office, Joe Biden has killed the Keystone XL pipeline, made the United States dependent (again) upon foreign energy, driven up gas and heating prices, destroyed over 100,000 jobs and opened up the southern border to a wave of illegal immigrants — including criminals, rapists and countless migrants infected with Covid-19.

Former President Donald Trump speaks at CPAC 2021

On foreign policy, the differences also could not be more obvious. Trump rebuilt the hollowed-out military, repealed the disastrous Iran deal, began to finally end our “endless wars,” including withdrawing most U.S. troops out of Afghanistan without a single American soldier being killed in over a year, and making peace between Israel and numerous Arab countries.

Biden, however, is putting America last. He has already lifted the sanctions on Teheran — taking away all of America’s leverage. His goal is to empower Iran, put the mullahs on the path toward acquiring the bomb, and pushing regime change in Syria. Rather than stand up to China (as Trump did), Biden seeks to appease Beijing. He has even excused the Chinese Communists’ genocide against Muslim Uighurs as a “cultural norm.” In short, Biden’s presidency has not only been incompetent and reckless. It has been disastrous.

“We all knew the Biden administration was going to be bad, but none of us imagined just how bad they would be and how far left he would go,” Trump said.

He is right. The radical Democrats and their liberal media allies used Biden as a Trojan horse to win power in November, falsely portraying him as a “moderate” pragmatist who could reach out across the aisle. This was a lie — a monstrous lie. Biden is a shill for the neo-socialist and big government takeover of America. The only thing that stands in the progressive left’s way is the MAGA movement. This is why Trump conservatives must be banned, de-platformed, censored and suppressed.

Trump has done something very few presidents have been able to accomplish: Create a new, powerful and populist movement. As he said during his speech, Trumpism is a political and cultural force that will dominate American politics for decades. It champions putting America — and all Americans regardless of race, color, gender or religious faith — first. It combines economic nationalism and cultural conservatism. The America First movement believes in fair trade (not free trade), lower taxes, deregulation, law and order, energy independence, secure borders, a foreign policy based on the national interest, and unswerving respect for the Constitution, Bill of Rights and our history and culture. It is a movement of, by and for the American people.

And this is precisely why it poses such a mortal threat to our ruling class and the venal Washington establishment. For decades, our political and media elites have been controlled by anti-American globalists, who bend the knee to the donor class, the Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, transnational corporations, and a horde of lobbyists defending every left-wing special interest group under the sun — all at the expense of Middle America. We are an oligarchy — a corporate plutocracy — masquerading as a democracy. Trumpism seeks to restore our Old Republic, returning power to where it belongs: American citizens and law-abiding taxpayers.

In his speech, Trump hinted that he may run again in 2024. “Who knows, I may just decide to beat them for a third time,” he said to thunderous applause.

Yet, can he? Or rather, will the vast establishment—whose immense power, wealth and control—he and his MAGA movement threatens, allow him to run again and win? During four years in office, Trump faced ferocious and unprecedented opposition. Biden and the Democrats then stole the election from him. I find it hard to believe that all of the nefarious forces arrayed against him—the Deep State, the Democrats, the GOP establishment, Hollywood, Big Tech, the Fake News Media, the massive and corrupt federal bureaucracy, and the powerful corporatist elite — will allow Trump to ever enter the White House again.

Trumpism and its populist-nationalist agenda will not only save America. It is wildly popular because it resonates with a strong majority of the American people, especially the forgotten working- and middle-class. On Sunday, Trump delivered the bravest and most dangerous speech of his entire career. He effectively threw down the gauntlet, telling the ruling class their days in power are numbered. They will do everything possible to stop him — including waging a ceaseless smear campaign, launching endless prosecutions and civil lawsuits against him (and his family), censoring and persecuting his supporters, and attempting again to rig and steal elections.

And if none of these authoritarian tactics work, then what? How far is the Washington swamp willing to go? Are deranged and hate-filled Democrats willing to openly call for Trump’s assassination? They better not. Because — God forbid — if something violent does happen to Trump, then America will be torn apart. Perhaps forever.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a columnist at and the host of “The Kuhner Report” weekdays 6-10 a.m. EST on WRKO AM-680 in Boston.