Rasmussen poll shock: Black approval numbers for Trump reach record 40 percent

by WorldTribune Staff, October 30, 2018

President Donald Trump’s approval rating among blacks has risen dramatically over the past year, according to a new Rasmussen poll.

A record high 40 percent of black likely voters approve of the job Trump is doing, the daily Rasmussen poll released on Oct. 29 said.

Support for President Donald Trump among black Americans has risen 25 percent since August 2017. / AFP / Getty Images

Conservative political commentators such as Candace Owens and Dinesh D’Souza have popularized the expression “the Democratic Plantation,” which draws a parallel between the racism against blacks advocated by the Democratic Party in the past and the system of government dependency represented by the welfare state advocated by the Democrats of the present, the Epoch Times noted on Oct. 29.

The activism of Owens and Kanye West can be seen among the blacks joining the Walk Away movement to leave the Democratic Party.

Owens has recently announced a new initiative called “Blexit,” which specifically urges black Americans to leave the Democratic Party. An accompanying clothing line, sporting “Blexit” and “We Free” in capital letters, was designed by Trump supporter Kanye West.

The poll showed 29 percent support for Trump among blacks on Aug. 6, compared with 15 percent on Aug. 3, 2017.

Among all likely voters, Rasmussen has been tracking Trump’s job approval at around the 50 percent mark throughout October, compared to the 40 to 47 percent range being reported by other pollsters.

Black unemployment has dropped to historic lows under Trump’s “America First” economic agenda and violent crime also slightly declined in 2017, after two years of increases.

“We’re fighting every day for African-Americans, for more jobs, for higher wages, for safer communities, for great schools, and we want school choice. We got to have,” Trump said at an Oct. 27 rally in Evansville, Indiana. “We’re fighting hard. It’s going to make a big difference.”

Trump said Owens “represents an ever expanding group of very smart ‘thinkers.’ ”

Owens has come out swinging against white progressives.

“Black people have become for white liberals like the puppy that they rescued from the pound,” she said. “White people want to scream so much on behalf of black people that you can’t even hear what black people have to say. If a black conservative says, ‘No, thank you,’ they lose their minds because they’ve built their sense of worth on being the righteous white person.”

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