Question: How much do Americans know about the work of the Obama Foundation?

WorldTribune, July 25, 2019

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Question of the Day, July 25, 2019: WorldTribune has introduced a new feature, Corporate Watch, that examines how activists in companies boardrooms impact the culture and public policy. How many of your friends, family members and associates are award that Barack Obama is still working to radically “transform” America and the West through his foundation?

Question of the Day, July 24, 2019:

Authoritarian governments precipitated the second world war. Now such regimes in China, Russia and Iran are teaming up erase U.S. global influence. Authoritarian governments in the West are being resisted by the Trump revolution and the Brexit movement. But these are led by lone individuals. The political-cultural-media elites control institutions and promote their consensus. Are they too powerful to fail?


Liberals are taking all of ours away – Michael Giovanni Cahrera

The Trump presidency has thrown a monkey wrench [into the authoritarian works] here and abroad. The U.S. citizens endured too many elections where candidates promised and did not deliver. Prior to 2016 it was evident that PC, open borders and disastrous economics had awoken the sleeping giant. The U.S. and EU have seen the rejection of business as usual among their citizens. We have now stronger US, NATO, and new here and abroad conservative leaders. The China/Russia/Iran opposition is facing challenges in obtaining oil, push back in international air and water spaces and limited access to western markets. China, Russian and Iran fuel/cash driving their expansion is drying up. Trump and others say no more free rides it’s now play fair or no access. Hopeful times if we stay the course. – Michael Wilkins

Answer: Socialism will destroy basic freedoms everywhere. – Trudy Fraley

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