Question: Can a nation divided do great things again as it did in 1969?

WorldTribune, July 16, 2019

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Question of the Day, 16, 2019: The United States, during World War II and on July 20, 1969 with the first Lunar Landing, was confronted at home with domestic unrest but nevertheless managed to accomplish historic national goals. In the current climate, could such landmark U.S. achievements happen again?

Question of the Day, July 15, 2019:

Google has been accused of helping China’s military while collaborating with the Chinese Communist Party regime’s censorship policies. However due to a rebellion by its workers, Google canceled a contract with the Pentagon. Google is a key part of many American’s everyday life. Is Google effectively an agent of the People’s


Yes along with Apple and Facebook – Ed Rankin

Yes, based on their actions they are communists – Eileen Webb

Yes. They are sharing their advanced technology with China which they know will be used against America. – Susan Conery

Yes – Daniel Eston

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