Poll: Most agree ‘PINO’ Biden’s not in charge; Who is? China?

by WorldTribune Staff, July 6, 2021

Most respondents in a new poll agree that Joe Biden is the PINO — “President In Name Only”.

The poll from the Convention of States Action and the Trafalgar Group found that nearly 57 percent of American voters think Biden is a PINO and that others, other forces, other sources, are actually in charge.

Xi Jinping and Joe Biden / Reuters / File

“This would be shocking, save for one thing: We all knew it,” Washington Times columnist Cheryl K. Chumley noted in a July 6 op-ed.

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The poll found that most voters believe “others are directing the policy and agenda” of the Biden administration.

Even a large number of Democrats and independents think Biden is being manipulated by a stable of behind-the-scenes’ puppet masters.

The poll found that nearly 32 percent of Democrat voters “do not believe” that Biden is fully executing the duties of the office and just over 58 percent independent voters feel the same.

“One only had to watch Biden’s prompted, orchestrated but nevertheless stumbling and jagged remarks issued from his basement during campaign season to see he wasn’t fully ‘there’ — mentally speaking, of course,” Chumley noted. “And those who missed that action can still catch the same today, on pretty much any public square: Biden speaks from.

Newsweek in March ran with an article titled “Mocking by U.S. Adversaries Shows Biden Admin Neither Feared nor Respected”.

So, who is directing U.S. policy?

While, Chumley noted, the far Left wing of the Democratic Party has taken hold of policy items and Barack Obama’s team has been recycled to reappear in key roles, it is “the hidden — the unnamed, the unacknowledged — that most concerns.”

How much does China influence Biden’s policy?

“It’s one thing for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders to be orchestrating and influencing presidential agendas. It’s another thing entirely” for Chinese supreme leader Xi Jinping, Chumley wrote.

Two years ago, Biden “mocked the idea of China as a threat to America’s leadership on the world stage — and that the Chinese were in fact ‘not bad folks, folks,’ ” Chumley noted.

Now, Team Biden “worries that [the Chinese] are competition for America and not only that — they might win,” The Atlantic just wrote. “This belief underpins the Biden doctrine.”

Biden and his puppet masters should have “listened to Donald Trump, who knew this reality at the start of his administration,” Chumley added. Now, Biden “faces an uphill climb to convince many in his own administration that China’s a threat.”

The Atlantic wrote: “Like Biden in 2019, they think that China’s strengths are overstated and that the U.S. can afford to be patient and restrained. They believe that while Washington must stand up for [American] interests, it also needs to quickly transition to a point of peaceful coexistence with China — basically a restoration of the Obama administration’s approach.”

Appease China at all costs?

“This is the stuff of defeatists,” Chumley wrote. Regardless of what Biden now believes in moments of clarity, by “surrounding himself with players who not only believe that but want to appease that is a disaster for America and a surefire destruction of the American way of liberty and life.”

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