Pence in N.C. calls for unity, dismisses media spin: ‘This race is on … time to come home’

by WorldTribune Staff, October 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton “may have the media, the money, and the special interests, but I believe with all my heart, we’ve got the American people,” GOP vice presidential candidate Gov. Mike Pence said on Oct. 24 at a campaign stop in Salisbury, North Carolina.

“It’s time to come home and come together and do everything in our power to make sure that Hillary Clinton is never elected President of the United States of America and Donald Trump and a Republican congress can move this country forward. So that’s the choice we have,” Pence said.

Mike Pence in Salisbury, N.C.
Mike Pence in Salisbury, N.C.

North Carolina is a key battleground state in 2016 and polls show Trump and Clinton running neck-and-neck.

“We’ve won over Independents who are tired of the status quo in Washington, D.C.,” Pence said. “They’re tired of the nation’s capitol getting nothing done. They’re tired of the corruptions and the misdeeds and jobs leaving this country.

“We’ve won over many southern Democrats who are tired of the big government liberal policies coming out of our nation’s capitol, trade deals that are costing good, hard working men and women jobs here in North Carolina.

“It’s time to come home and elect the Trump-Pence team. And let me be clear on this point, as Donald Trump said yesterday in Naples, it’s time to come home and re-elect Republican majorities in the United States House and United States Senate.”

Pence also rallied support for the re-election efforts of North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows, Sen. Richard Burr, and Gov. Pat McCrory.

Several hundred were in attendance at Pence’s rally on the same day Donald Trump drew a throng of 20,000 in Florida.

Meanwhile, an Oct. 24 rally in West Palm Beach, Florida by Democratic veep pick Tim Kaine drew about 30 people, including media and campaign officials.

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