Pelosi’s new plan said to prioritize illegals over 33 million unemployed Americans

by WorldTribune Staff, May 13, 2020

In the latest so-called coronavirus “relief package” being pushed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Democrats offer amnesty for illegal immigrants from being deported so long as they fill American jobs in “essential critical infrastructure work.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. / YouTube

House Democrats’ plan protects illegals at the expense of American workers even as more than 33 million Americans are unemployed amid the coronavirus crisis.

The plan also includes a provision which would suspend the Department of Labor’s ability to prosecute an employer that hires illegals over unemployed Americans.

“House Democrats prioritizing foreign workers, legal and illegal, over unemployed and underemployed Americans in the middle of a crisis is shameful,” said NumbersUSA President Roy Beck.

The plan would also allow millions of illegals with taxpayer-identification numbers to receive $1,200 cash payments of U.S. taxpayer money.

“Instead of focusing on helping 33 million unemployed Americans get back to work, the so-called Heroes Act uses the COVID-19 pandemic to give amnesty — and cash payments — to illegal foreign workers in the United States,” Beck said.

Recent surveys find overwhelming support for pauses to legal immigration. The latest Washington Post/University of Maryland poll revealed that about 65 percent of all Americans said they support suspending all immigration at the moment.

While Pelosi’s plan would flood the U.S. labor market with illegal workers during a period of mass unemployment, an initiative by Republican lawmakers calls for a halt to all foreign visa worker programs.

Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy, a Republican, said that Pelosi’s proposed $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill is “dead as fried chicken” in the Senate.

“Her bill would rewrite our immigration laws,” Kennedy said. “Her bill would release many federal prisoners. Her bill represents a federal takeover of our state election systems. Her bill would turn over all of our public safety decisions or most of them, to OSHA.”

Kennedy said that Pelosi’s constituency, “the pronoun police, the nature cure quacks, certain members of the media” will “suck it up like a Hoover Deluxe.”

“But once the American people find out what’s in this bill, they are not going to like it,” Kennedy said. “They are going to say what does this have to do with getting back to work and making people safe?”

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