Update: Team Biden given go-ahead to remove Confederate Memorial from Arlington National Cemetery

by WorldTribune Staff, December 19, 2023 [updated December 21, 2023]

Team Biden can proceed with the removal of a Confederate memorial from Arlington National Cemetery, a federal judge ruled on Tuesday.

Last week, Judge Rossie Alston of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia had issued a restraining order halting the removal of the Reconciliation Monument, which was erected to commemorate the reconciliation between the North and South following the Civil War.

Photos showed that Team Biden had already sent in a crane to begin the removal of the Reconciliation Monument.

Defend Arlington and other groups sued to stop the removal of the memorial, contending that the Biden Administration planned to destroy it.

On Tuesday, Judge Alston, a Trump appointee wrote: “Plaintiffs have not alleged facts that support the premise that Defendants intend to ‘destroy’ rather than ‘remove’ the Memorial. The parties discussed at oral argument that the Memorial will likely end up reconstituted at another site. Moreover, Plaintiffs had no answer regarding how the deconstruction and removal of the Memorial in the manner planned would result in irreparable harm, given that it appears that the Memorial can be reconstructed at a later time if Plaintiffs ultimately succeed in the claims.”

The Arlington National Cemetery website stated: “As required by Congress and implemented by the Secretary of Defense, Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) is required to remove the Confederate Memorial located in Section 16 of ANC.”

It additionally notes that a “process to prepare for the memorial’s careful removal and relocation has been initiated.”

In wake of the 2020 Antifa/Black Lives Matter riots, the Pentagon’s Naming Commission ordered the removal of the names of bases, posts, ships, and streets named after Confederate soldiers.

A group of lawmakers penned a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin demanding that the monument be untouched until at least the conclusion of the fiscal year 2024 appropriations process.

“Despite bipartisan support for this monument, the Naming Commission, established by the Fiscal Year 2021 National Defense Authorization Act, clearly overstepped its legislative authority when it recommended that the Department of the Army remove the Reconciliation Monument from Arlington National Cemetery,” the lawmakers wrote.

The plan is for the monument to reportedly be moved to a site owned by the Virginia Military Institute.

Sean Davis, editor of The Federalist, noted:

The destruction of the Reconciliation Monument is so much worse than mere iconoclasm, which is bad enough by itself. The only reason to make a scene of destroying a monument to the reconciliation of two sides who were at war with each other is to signal that reconciliation going forward will also not be tolerated.

Right now the Left is gleefully throwing its political enemies in prison for non-existent crimes. This includes the Left’s chief political opponent. It is setting up bogus kangaroo courts to obtain fraudulent indictments and convictions.

The Left fantasizes about using the military power of the state to drop nuclear bombs on citizens who exercise their constitutional right of self-defense. As we speak, it is using government power and coercion to illegally censor and shut down the speech of its enemies. And most dangerous of all, through insane and outrageous assassination prep agitprop, the Left and its loyal media propagandists are ginning up their most ardent and unstable supporters to commit violence against the potential next president of the United States.

The modern American left clearly has zero interest in reconciliation with anyone in this country who opposes their political agenda. They are not disguising this hatred. In fact, they are so open about their refusal to ever allow anyone else to wield power or even exist outside their clutches that they’re willing to rip out and destroy a literal monument to American reconciliation.

What do you think they’ll do to you if you ever get in their way?

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