Paranoid in Pyongyang: NIS reports wary Kim focused on ‘decapitation’ ops

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By Geostrategy-Direct

Kim Jong-Un is not afraid of flying like his late father Kim Jong-Il and he has cultivated an outgoing buoyant personal like his grandfather Kim Il-Sung, Communist North Korea’s founder.

North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un. / AP

But reportedly he shares one trait with his more reserved father: A tendency to check the rearview mirror often when there is a resolute leader in the White House.

“South Korea and the U.S. are planning, by the end of this year, to establish a special forces team to take out Pyongyang’s leadership in the event of a contingency,” the Korea Herald reported on June 15. “The unit will be tasked with eliminating Kim and paralyzing the North’s command and control system.”

The “extremely nervous” and paranoid North Korean leader is aid to be using his subordinates’ cars instead of his own Mercedes-Benz 600 and moves from place to place at dawn due to deep-seated concerns he will be eliminated in a “decapitation operation.”

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