NY Post columnist details signs of Democrat desperation

by WorldTribune Staff, April 23, 2018

The civil lawsuit filed by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) against the Trump campaign, WikiLeaks and Russia was more an act of desperation than anything else, a New York Post columnist wrote.

Robert Mueller, left, or Rod Rosenstein ‘should at least end the guessing game and tell the public where the probe stands.’

“It’s not just Hillary Clinton who can’t quit Russia. The whole Democratic Party keeps going back to 2016,” Michael Goodwin wrote in an April 21 opinion piece.

“The suit’s flamboyant charges made headlines, but that only served to obscure the real meaning. Namely, that top Dems are giving up their fantasies that special counsel Robert Mueller will deliver them from political purgatory by getting the goods on Trump,” Goodwin wrote.

“The trashy suit is their way of trying to keep impeachment and Russia, Russia, Russia alive for the midterms in case Mueller’s probe comes up empty.”

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Mueller, who was appointed special counsel for the Russia probe in May 2017, has yet to produce any evidence of collusion against President Donald Trump.

“If he had, Trump would be a target,” Goodwin wrote, noting that Deputy Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosentstein last week said Trump was not a target of Mueller’s investigation.

“In a more reasonable era, Rosenstein would blow the whistle and declare, ‘Time’s up,’ ” Goodwin wrote, adding Rosenstein or Mueller “should at least end the guessing game and tell the public where the probe stands, where it is going and when it’s going to get there.”

Goodwin continued: “The crackup on the left would be fun to watch if the stakes weren’t so high. But as long as Mueller is digging for any and all dirt on Trump, the potential remains that the government will be paralyzed. It would be a tragedy if, say, the chance to denuclearize North Korea were a casualty of Washington dysfunction.

“Yet until the probers give up the ghost – or are ordered to stand down – America will be haunted by the investigation that won’t die.”

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