Nonprofit helps students fight Left’s intolerance on college campuses

by WorldTribune Staff, April 23, 2017

Young people entering college today will be indoctrinated by the Left unless they learn to think for themselves, the founder of the Turning Point USA nonprofit said.

The intolerant Left is “out of control, and literally censoring speech on campus,” Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk. /Getty Images

Colleges, Kirk says, are now effectively promoting America as an evil country and pushing a one world government.

Kirk said Turning Point USA is encouraging young people to defend America’s founding principles and values amid the Left’s increasing use of threats and intimidation on college campuses.

“The left hates the idea that there are other ideas,” Kirk said. “They can’t stand that someone might disagree with them.”

Kirk told the Daily Caller that most colleges in the U.S. are now promoting Marxist ideology every day, and do not even consider the failures of socialism and communism. He points to Venezuela, where they are literally eating zoo animals, to make his case.

“On 30 campuses you cannot say, ‘if you work hard in America, you can succeed,’ ” Kirk said, adding that a student even had her final exam marked down for using “mankind” in her writing.

In November, Turning Point USA launched its “Professor Watchlist” website to expose what students are enduring from Leftist professors.

“We aim to post professors who have records of targeting students for their viewpoints, forcing students to adopt a certain perspective, and/or abuse or harm students in any way for standing up for their beliefs,” wrote Matt Lamb, an organizer of the site.

The New York Times denounced the site in a front page article titled “Professor Watchlist Is Seen as Threat to Academic Freedom”.

As Leftists continually attempt to shut down conservative speech on campuses, some even advocating violence to do so, Kirk has floated the idea of President Donald Trump signing an executive order giving a core constitutional right declaring every inch of an American campus to be a free speech zone.

Kirk wants Turning Point USA “to continue to grow and become the most powerful, influential, exciting, innovative youth movement ever in the history of America.”