New database allows health care workers to detail adverse vax events with impunity

by WorldTribune Staff, August 26, 2022

“My colleague did not know she was pregnant upon receiving a Pfizer booster ‘vaccine’ after coercion and fear were used against her by our employer (a college, I work in health services). She had a positive pregnancy urine test 5 days following her booster. She started experiencing vaginal bleeding shortly after her positive pregnancy test. Because of this, she made an appointment with her OBGYN, who checked her serum hCg levels in a serial fashion to assess for miscarriage.

“Initially they presumed her bleeding was normal early pregnancy bleeding, and her first hCg level was indicative of being about 3-4 weeks pregnant. That first hCg was done on the Tuesday of the week following her Monday booster Pfizer shot. She then passed products of conception spontaneously at work, and her next hCg level was declining, confirming a miscarriage. Given the temporal nature, this can only be a product of the Pfizer booster she received, at least in my 10 year nursing experienced opinion. Having worked in an ER for about 10 years, miscarriages are a sad but common medical complaint and I have cared for many of these patients.

“To top all of that off, she recently recovered from COVID despite having her Pfizer booster less than 8 weeks ago. So much for safe and effective.”

This was posted by a nurse from Connecticut to a new database in which health care professionals can detail adverse reactions to the vaccines without fear of retribution, Steve Kirsch, the executive director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, noted.

Team Biden’s Covid overlords are not being honest about adverse reactions and deaths caused by the vaccines, “so we need to hear the truth” from doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals, Kirsch wrote in an Aug. 24 substack post. “Now there is a way to do that and not be punished.”

The database (which can be linked to here) already has more than 100 posts.

Kirsch said all of the posts are verified.

Here is a look at a few:

A doctor from Wisconsin posted:

I’ll start with my own story (Moderna x 2).

I received a total of 2 Covid “vaccines” in 2021: 1/12/21 and 2/11/21. The acute side effects weren’t so bad, but about a month after the second injection I began experiencing significant and life-altering side effects. These include: tinnitus (constant ringing in the ears which sometimes leads to suicide), peripheral neuropathy, numbness of the front portion of my lower leg below the knee, heart palpitations, intermittent chest pain (likely pericarditis), chronic muscle twitches, intermittent shortness of breath, tremor, difficulty walking downstairs, gait instability and fatigue. I won’t include anxiety and depression as those are likely the result of dealing with these issues.

Thankfully, I made the connection between my rapidly declining health and the Moderna injections. I started an aggressive supplement regimen including N acetyl cysteine, glutathione, Zn, etc etc, and things have stabilized, and some symptoms have improved. I still have good days and bad days. For instance, I wouldn’t dare walk down a set of stairs without a handrail. I was completely healthy before this, just some hypertension.

All of my side effects are strongly linked to the vaccinations, but one wouldn’t know that just by looking at mainstream news sources. There is the endless brainwashingly repetitive ‘safe and effective’ narrative, neither of which are objectively true.

In my extensive search for answers, I discovered that the two injections I received came from two of the most toxic lots in the USA based on the federal government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Recording System (VAERS). This data is available for discovery at VAERS underestimates (by their own admission) vaccine related deaths and side effects. It is a clumsy system by design, but one can access individual reports about patient deaths and side effects.

On further discovery, there was a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for information from the FDA requesting documents about Pfizer’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for their mRNA “vaccine”. The FDA said it would release information in 75! years! Thankfully, a judge forced them to release this information, and they have been doing this monthly since March 1st of this year. The data are shocking on every level. I say this as a physician but also as someone with a Pharm.D. who knows about the approval process. The “vaccine” arm had more deaths than the control arm (all cause mortality). There are significant side effects up to and including death that were underreported… Suffice it to say, it is a textbook example of fraud and regulatory corruption. The FDA/CDC are thoroughly corrupt, they are criminal entities. (as this is NOT a left/right issue, I highly recommend Robert F Kennedy Jr’s brilliant book: The Real Anthony Fauci.. I would randomly check the extensive footnotes, and it all checked out. He has not been sued for libel, nor will he be. I’m absolutely certain that RFK Jr and I would agree on virtually nothing politically, but he’s a brilliant and good man. )

Dr. Naomi Wolf has been instrumental in overseeing the review by hundreds of attorneys, physicians, etc of the Pfizer data. Suffice it to say, there will be lawsuits and hopefully not just civil ($) related, but rather criminal.

Any medical intervention MUST always weigh risks versus benefits. The risks of Covid-19 are near zero for children. The risks of the mRNA “vaccines” are anything but zero (i live with that everyday), therefore, there is no net benefit for the vast majority of adults and certainly not children. The EUA of the mRNA injections for children are not justifiable on any medical level.

A nurse from South Carolina posted:

Bedside RNs are seeing sicker patients now than ever before. This criminal disaster will persist for many years to come. I can generally correlate # of doses of vax to patient level of decline. My system: P3 = Pfizer x 3; M2 = Moderna x 2; M2 P1 = Moderna x2, Pfizer x1; etc.

A medical technician from Pennsylvania posted:

I worked at Einstein Medical Center when the so-called “pandemic” started. They furloughed a lot of folks (self included) and that’s a Trauma Level 1 facility. There was no pandemonium, just business as usual. But the facility “acted” like it was serious. No refrigeration trucks, just a news van out front mostly. I left there in May of 2021 to work for Nazareth Hospital. No real issues at first. Then in July, the mandate came down and I immediately filed for an exemption. But in mid June I began to hear over the PA system “stroke alert” or “Crash Cart Team” to a certain floor. Over the next 5 months, the “stroke alert” call was announced from 3 to 5 times a day. I didn’t go a full work week without hearing that alert. None of my vaccinated coworkers had any clue nor did they question anything. I always felt it had something to do with this poison. I obtained my exemption and held it until I left there in November 2021.

A doctor from Texas posted:

I work in ER. I am unvaxed. At my hospital I have to test every week. Everyday those of us not vaxed are in danger of losing our jobs. We’ve had multiple forms to sign saying we know we could lose our jobs. Of course everyone else gets sick but us. Yet we are the ones threatened.

Out of the 20 plus providers, three have developed cancer in one year.

I do not have numbers but can tell you from experience, I am seeing sicker patients and younger people coming in with serious diseases. Today alone man in 30s with multiple organ failure 2 weeks after getting booster. Summers in the ER meant orthopedic injuries from summer sports, fishing hooks etc. Summer was considered a break because typically the number of patients would drop. Not this year. I have seen many people with strokes, heart attacks, blood clots, epiglottis. And the patients are in their 40s and 50s not late 60s to 80s. It’s been difficult to work. The danger is many of the workers, nurses, docs etc are talking of quitting. The stress has been overwhelming and there is no break in sight.

Kirsch concluded: “It is critical for every healthcare worker to speak out about what is really happening. Remaining silent will result in more deaths and disability.”

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