New data show Covid vaccine side effects are not ‘rare’

by WorldTribune Staff, March 24, 2022

The Covid overlords and corporate media continue to insist that side effects from the Covid vaccines are “rare.”

Real-world data from Israel and Germany tell a different story.

The Israeli Ministry of Health found that side-effects which appeared within 21-30 days from vaccination with the third Pfizer shot (booster) were prevalent.

In the Israeli study, 2,894 people were contacted and 2,068 agreed to be interviewed. Of those 2,068 boosted individuals:

• 0.3% required hospitalization for an adverse event.
• 4.5% experienced one or more neurological problems (2.1% of men and 6.9% of women), such as tingling or itching sensation, Bell’s palsy, vision damage, memory deterioration, hearing damage, convulsions, loss of consciousness and more.
• 9.6% of women under the age of 54 experienced menstrual irregularities. Of those, “39% suffered from similar side-effects after prior COVID-19 vaccinations; however most (67%) indicated that the side-effects waned prior to the third vaccination and returned after receiving it”.
• 26.4% of those with preexisting anxiety disorder or depression experienced a worsening of their symptoms.
• 24.2% of those with preexisting autoimmune disorders experienced exacerbation of disease.

Between 6.3% and 9.3% of those with preexisting high blood pressure, lung disease, diabetes and heart disease also reported that their condition was exacerbated after the third booster. A small number of women, but no men, also reported herpes infections (0.4% for herpes simplex infections and 0.3% for herpes zoster).

Other key takeaways from the Israeli report:

• Side-effects are more common among women and younger people.
• 1 in 10 women suffer menstrual irregularities.
• Neurological side effects typically don’t appear until about a month after the jab.

The Epoch Times noted: “In the majority of cases, the occurrence of a given side effect was not more severe after the third shot compared to the two previous doses. Put another way, the severity of side effects tends to be the same, regardless of the number of doses, so these findings can perhaps be applied to doses 1 and 2 as well.”

In Germany, health insurance data shows an alarming number of policyholders being treated for vaccine side effects.

Andreas Schöfbeck, a board member of a large insurance company called BKK ProVita, shared the data with Die Welt.

Medical data of 10.9 million insured individuals was analyzed, looking for potential Covid vaccine side effects. What was discovered was 400,000 doctors’ visits that could be realistically attributed to the jab. According to Schöfbeck, extrapolated to the total population of Germany, the total number of doctors’ visits attributable to jab side effects would be 3 million.

“The number that resulted from our analysis are very far away from the publicly announced numbers [by the Ministry of Health]. It would be unethical not to talk about it,” Schöfbeck told Die Welt, adding that the data are “an alarming signal.”

As reported by Die Welt (translated from German):

From January to August 2021 … around 217,000 of just under 11 million BBK policyholders had to be treated for vaccination side effects — while the Paul Ehrlich Institute keeps only 244,576 side effect reports based on 61.4 million vaccinated …

Thus, the number of vaccine side effects would be more than 1,000 percent higher than the PEI reports … With his analysis, Schöfbeck turned to a wide range of institutions — from the German Medical Association and the StiKo to the Paul Ehrlich Institute itself.

He said the figures were a ‘strong alarm signal’ that ‘absolutely must be taken into account in the further use of vaccines.’ His figures could be validated by the same data analyses of other health insurance companies, he says …

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