New Chile constitution crafted according to nation-destroying Soros playbook

by WorldTribune Staff, July 5, 2021

What happens when “reality” appears to be what George Soros says it should be?

Elisa Loncon speaks at the opening session to draft a new constitution, in Santiago, Chile on July 4, 2021. / Video Image

July 4 Reuters report:

Delegates chose a woman on Sunday from Chile’s majority indigenous Mapuche people to lead them in drafting the country’s new constitution – a dramatic turnaround for a group that is unacknowledged in the country’s present rule book.


[Elisa] Loncon accepted the position with fist clenched above her head, telling her colleagues to noisy celebrations: “I salute the people of Chile from the north to Patagonia, from the sea to the mountains, to the islands, all those who are watching us today,” she said.

June 30 news release: Progressive globalist billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundations pledges to “invest more than $100 million over the next five years in strengthening a range of feminist-led movements and increasing their leadership across a broad range of sectors, from politics and the private sector to civil society and government. The majority of the funding will help strengthen feminist organizations and funds around the world.” The first bulleted action item from the statement issued by OSF reads:

Developing and sustaining transformative feminist leaders in politics and governance, with a focus on leaders of minority identities

Chile’s new constitution has been repeatedly hailed in globalist publications as a transformative triumph for feminism around the world. “‘A game-changing moment’: Chile constitution could set new gender equality standard,” reads the headline on a May 14 article in establishment UK newspaper The Guardian. “Why Chile’s New Constitution Is a Feminist Victory” screams out the headline in a February 15 piece in Foreign Policy magazine.

Remarkably, George Soros is throwing over a hundred million dollars towards an international campaign as his first action point is being carried out to the letter in Chile.

Other bulleted to-do items on that Soros release include:

Strengthening feminist movements globally, particularly to combat rising authoritarianism

Improving access, rights, resources, and agency to make decisions about bodies and reproductive health care

Again, this is being played out in Chile right now. “The demand for a new constitution emerged after a national uprising in October 2019,” Charis McGowan, “a freelance journalist in Santiago who writes with a focus on gender rights and feminist protest in Latin America,” wrote for Foreign Policy magazine. She continued:

As discontent surged, separate demands over education access, pension reform, and public health, among many other issues, converged into calls to replace Gen. Augusto Pinochet’s military dictatorship-era constitution, criticized as prioritizing economic interest over basic human needs.

Feminist groups were among the loudest shouting for change. During the months of mass protests, the phrase “The revolution will be feminist — or it won’t be a revolution,” was etched onto city walls, projected onto buildings, and chanted by thousands of women.

Straight from the Soros playbook. As is the promotion of “reproductive health care,” i.e., abortion on demand.

“Although Chile’s current constitution guarantees equality or non-discrimination based on sex, it does not ensure women’s rights to equality in marriage and stipulates the protection of ‘life to be born’ – a clause that has blighted access to legal, safe abortion in the country,” The Guardian laments.

It relates the sad saga of radical activist Antonia Orellana:

Orellana, a journalist and founding member of feminist political party Social Convergence, says her commitment to women’s rights was bolstered after experiencing a clandestine abortion over 10 years ago.

Rushed bleeding to the hospital, she miscarried before a doctor threatened to report her to the police.

At the time Chile had the strictest abortion laws in the world, prohibited in all circumstances. Eleven years on, progress has been slow, with abortion access only permitted in limited cases.

Orellana is campaigning for a constitution that will include diverse reproductive and sexual rights – “not only health rights considered under the male perspective,” she said.

The new Chile’s feminist cultural values are exemplified by its leading role in promoting international transgender rights. The New York Daily News reported on June 29:

A group of 27 nations is urging the United Nations Human Rights Council to protect the rights of transgender and gender non-conforming people — especially trans women — who “face extraordinary levels of violence and harassment.”

“We call upon member states, as a matter of urgency, to respect, to protect and to fulfill the human rights of transgender persons, especially transgender women given the population’s historic marginalization,” Chile, on behalf of the group of UN member states, told the council on Monday.

Soros’s organization freely states that it is using feminism to promote revolutionary change, and even names Chile as a prime target. More from its June 30 statement:

“From the challenges brought by COVID-19 to women and girls in the United States, to the changing peace and security circumstances in several countries, to the new opportunities in Chile and Argentina, and the new generation of emerging leaders in the African continent — we are experiencing unprecedented developments around the world,” said Kavita N. Ramdas, director of the Open Society Women’s Rights Program. “Open Society’s groundbreaking $100 million investment in feminist organizing and leadership will help ensure that more women, girls, transgender, and gender non-conforming people are able to fully engage and participate in the decision-making that affects their lives — from their homes and schools, to their workplaces and communities, to shaping constitutions and governments.”

As WorldTribune reported in September, powerful moneyed globalists, including Bill Gates as well as Soros, are financially backing a “Feminist Foreign Policy” program for the Western world. This policy is openly backed by most of installed President Joe Biden’s leading foreign policy advisers:

[A] variety of leftist groups working together released an action paper in May titled “Toward a Feminist Foreign Policy in the United States.” This unhinged proclamation… was released in partnership with several pro-mass immigration and pro-abortion organizations, including NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood.


The paper is a bizarre stew of rabid leftist sloganeering. Among other things, it “seeks to disrupt colonial, racist, patriarchal and male-dominated power structures; and allocates significant resources, including research, to achieve that vision.”

A group known as Foreign Policy For America is among the listed “endorsing organizations” of the paper. Two members of Foreign Policy For America are also listed as contributors, including Rachel Vogelstein, who according to her Council on Foreign Relations bio, is “[p]roviding outside informal counsel to the Biden for President Campaign.”

Foreign Policy For America is tightly connected with the Biden presidential campaign. Top Biden advisers associated with Foreign Policy For America include reported “inner circle” bigwigs Antony Blinken and Avril Haines and other Biden campaign personnel are actively involved with the group.

Blinken is now serving as Secretary of State in the Biden administration. Avril Haines is Director of National Intelligence.

It is no coincidence that these cultural revolutionaries have targeted Chile as part of their master plan. The international Left has never forgiven Gen. Pinochet for saving that country from a Marxist Hell 48 years ago. This is like the Boy Scouts or The Citadel for them. Taking over Chile wasn’t just business… it was personal.

Salvador Allende was prevented from spreading his collectivist poison to other nations nearly half a century ago. Today’s progressive internationalists are newly emboldened and armed with an updated strategy. “Gender parity” and “feminism” are to be Trojan Horses employed to fulfill their aims.

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