New book: Still the shadow president, Obama hid his Marxist, anti-Israel agenda from public

by WorldTribune Staff, November 26, 2023

Barack Obama undoubtedly has been pulling the strings in the Biden White House. And federal institutions are run by elites who also embrace Obama’s vision – as a Marxist, author Scott McKay writes in his new book “Racism, Revenge and Ruin: It’s all Obama“.

Since Hamas’s massacre of Israeli civilians on Oct. 7, Obama has been an outspoken critic of Israel, condemning the Jewish State’s decision to cut off water and energy from Gaza last month.

Obama “adopted his left-leaning foreign policies long before he entered politics, having studied under two radical, anti-Semitic Palestinian academics, Eric Said and Rashid Khalidi, at the University of Chicago,” McKay noted.

He managed, with the help of a compliant legacy media, to keep those ties hidden as they otherwise could have cost the Democrat the support of the American people in 2008, McKay contends.

In the book, published by Calamo Press, McKay writes: “If mainstream America recognized the full extent of Barack Obama’s radical associations and influences…with all that un-American baggage trailing him, he never would have been elected president.”

The result of that 2008 vote?

Obama’s radical, anti-American affiliations and beliefs paved the way for “an America we no longer recognize where the insanity that men are women and women are men is official dogma; where our great cities are cesspools of depravity and rampant crime goes unpunished; where our borders are no longer worth of the term.”

McKay, also an editor at American Spectator, examines Obama’s negativism about Israel and its leadership, particularly Benjamin Netanyahu.

While in France for the G20 summit in November 2011, Obama had a one-on one meeting with French president Nicolas Sarkozy and was caught on a hot microphone responding to Sarkozy’s comment that he couldn’t stand Netanyahu.

“You’re sick of him? I have to work with him every day,” Obama told the French leader.

Obama in March of 2010 attempted to derail Netanyahu’s re-election efforts in an effort to force Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians in exchange for peace — and give the Palestinians an independent state, McKay writes.

Instead of demanding that the Palestinians concede the right of Israel to exist, recounts the author, Obama demanded that Netanyahu retreat to its pre-1967 borders.

Obama deployed then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to read a list of his demands to Netanyahu. The list included releasing some Palestinian prisoners as an act of goodwill; lifting the siege of Gaza; and suspending all settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Wagging her finger, Clinton told Netanyahu that if he refused these demands, “the U.S. government will conclude we no longer share the same interests.”

By the end of March 2010, Netanyahu would visit the White House to establish peace. McKay write what he got was a “tongue-lashing” directly from Obama who then retired to his private residence for dinner leaving the Israeli leader sitting in the Roosevelt Room.

The Israeli party asked for dinner and were served non-kosher food.

American Jewish groups in Obama’s coalition were furious at the overt hostility expressed by the president who was forced to invite the Israeli leader back to the White House and get a return finger wagging and a lecture on the Middle East.

“Obama’s poisonous attitude increasingly took firm root with his party – so much so that hostility toward the Jewish state is the new norm in the Democratic Party, its traditional support for Israel a relic of the past,” McKay writes.

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