Nancy Pelosi wants term limits for Supreme Court — but not Congress

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, June 26, 2023

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the 83-year-old California Democrat who has been a member of Congress for 36 years, says there should be term limits for Supreme Court justices.

But not for Congress.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Jen Psaki, Pelosi stated: “There certainly should be term limits” when it comes to the U.S.’s top court.

“Here we have a body … chosen for life. Never have to run for office. Nominated, confirmed for life, with no accountability for their ethics behavior,” Pelosi said, apparently in all seriousness. (When’s the last time anyone in the D.C. Swamp was held accountable for anything?)

And, then, Pelosi dropped this doozy: “If nothing else, there should be some ethical rules that would be followed.”

Recent Quinnipiac University polling found just 30 percent of registered voters approve of the job the Supreme Court is doing.

That “30 percent seems high,” Pelosi told Psaki.

Of course, Pelosi forgot to mention that the latest Gallup poll, from May 0f this year, put the approval rating of Congress at 20 percent. And, needless to say, allegations that she and her husband have benefited from insider trading practices that have not been outlawed for members of Congress were not discussed.

So, there you have it, term limits for Supreme Court justices but not for all of those beacons of ethics and accountability in the U.S. Congress.

Pelosi also discussed the idea of expanding the Supreme Court: “It’s been over 150 years since we’ve had an expansion of the court. It was in the time of Lincoln that it went up to nine, so the subject of whether that should happen is a discussion.” Some may say that Pelosi knows this because she was personal friends with Lincoln.

Article III of the United States Constitution states Supreme Court justices serve lifetime appointments so any attempt to place term limits on them calls for the Constitution to be amended.

The Biden administration previously formed a commission which aimed for structural changes to the Supreme Court such as placing term limits for justices at 18 years, or half the time Pelosi has been in Congress and some 32 years shy of the time Joe Biden has been cashing in on The Swamp.

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