MSM gets around to vetting Biden after deciding he’s unfit

by WorldTribune Staff, June 21, 2019

Joe Biden was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 1972 and spent eight years as President Barack Obama’s veep, yet the corporate media weren’t curious about, or just simply ignored, his ties to Democratic Party segregationists, radio host Rush Limbaugh pointed out on June 20. The same was true about questionable deals with China and Ukraine that financially enriched his son.

Suddenly, Biden found himself in the crosshairs of an ABC special report this week in the kind damaging media attack reserved exclusively for Republicans, he said. Why now? Because the media is deciding whom will be the Democrat nominee and Biden is being marginalized our pushed out, Limbaugh suggested.

‘All of this is coming to light now for only one reason: the media were not interested in 2008 because in 2008 the media were only interested in protecting Barack Obama.’ / Wikimedia Commons

“Joe Biden hearts Democrat segregationists. That is just a fact, a fact that is only coming out now despite his being a public figure for nearly 50 years, despite a public record of his love for Democrat segregationists having been available to the media for just as long,” John Nolte wrote for Breitbart News on June 21.

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Nolte pointed out that the media chose not to vet Biden in 2008 when he was running for vice president while, at the same time, “sent legions of fake journalists to Alaska to find out which library books Biden’s rival, then-Gov. Sarah Palin, checked out.”

“In fact, until a couple of days ago, Biden was so sure the media would not criticize him, so used to getting a pass on his love for Democrat racists, he was still running around, in this, the year of our Lord 2019, bragging about how much it meant top him to be called ‘son’ (instead of ‘boy’) by a racist Democrat,” Nolte wrote.

Now, with Biden seen by many pundits as a centrist running for the 2020 nomination in a party that should nominate a progressive, the media is shining a light on the fact that, in 1975, Biden said his party needed a “liberal George Wallace,” that he believed segregation was a good thing as a “matter of black pride,” and that he voted to restore the American citizenship of confederate president Jefferson Davis.

You might not have known that as recently as 1988, Biden praised a Democrat segregationist as a “man of character and courage.” You do now, thanks to the Biden foes in the corporate press.

“All of this is coming to light now for only one reason: the media were not interested in 2008 because in 2008 the media were only interested in protecting Barack Obama,” Nolte wrote.

“Here is the first black president hooking up with a vice president enamored with segregation and segregationists and the media buried it all — and did so while attacking Obama’s rivals (Palin, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Donald Trump — who have no history of befriending segregationists) as racists,” Nolte wrote.

Now that the media “want a far-left extremist to win the 2020 Democrat nomination, now that they want Mean Little Mayor Pete Buttigieg or Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren, now that the media have decided no more old, white guy presidents, they are all over Biden’s racist past,” Nolte noted.

“In other words… Eleven years later, we are just now entering day four of the media vetting Joe Biden.”

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