MSM drumbeat: Trump White House is in total ‘chaos’

by WorldTribune Staff, March 5, 2018

The Mainstream Media’s latest anti-Trump narrative insists that the Trump White House “is in abject chaos – everybody working there wants out, nobody not there wants in,” Rush Limbaugh noted in his March 2 radio broadcast.

It is so bad, the MSM tells us, that “They can’t find anybody to hire, and the people that work there can’t leave because nobody outside the White House wants to hire ’em because they don’t know anything because they worked for Trump,” Limbaugh said.

The Mainstream Media would have you believe that ‘ There’s nobody left in Washington, nobody left in the United States that wants to go to work’ in the Trump White House.

“What happens is CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, all of them – folks, I’m here to tell you, this is a coordinated effort at smearing the Trump White House as coordinated and concentrated as I have seen since Trump was inaugurated.”

Limbaugh said the MSM is “trying to drive Trump crazy. They are trying to get into Trump’s head. Let’s put it that way. They’re trying to affect the daily performance of his job. They are trying to derail, use any adjective you want, they’re trying to distract Trump, because Trump has had a more successful first year in terms of getting his agenda implemented than any president anybody can remember, including the great Ronaldus Magnus.”

But the MSM, Limbaugh said, insists that “nobody wants to work in the White House. There’s nobody left in Washington, nobody left in the United States that wants to go to work in the Trump administration because it’s so bad, because it’s so embarrassing.”

Limbaugh noted that “Of course, the general rule of thumb is you go to work for an administration, you put in your two to three to four years, and then you write your ticket in the private sector. But, see, all of that’s gone. If you worked for the Trump administration, nobody in America wants to hire you because the Trump administration is so inept and so feeble and so dangerous and so bad that anybody who worked for it must also be feeble, dangerous, feckless, incompetent, and bad.”

What is the impact of this offensive? One source frequently involved in White House meetings told WorldTribune he has avoided accepting a staff position in the administration because of the constant threat of legal action and the cost of retaining attorneys.

Limbaugh continued: “This is all part of the White House in chaos. Let me ask you something. Given how much the Drive-Bys and the Democrats hate Trump and what he’s doing, don’t you think that if he were in fact paralyzed and were unable to do anything, that they would be happy about it? I mean, don’t you think they’d consider that success? ‘We’ve stopped Trump.’ But, no. That’s not the angle they’re taking.”

Limbaugh also ntoed a “fake push poll from USA Today” with the headline “Voters Vow to Elect a Congress that Stands up to Trump, Poll Shows.”

The USA story says: “Americans are mad, and that is putting Republicans at risk. A new USA Today/Suffolk University Poll finds voters looking toward the midterm elections are overwhelmingly unhappy with the country’s direction, dissatisfied with its political leadership, and interested in electing a Congress that will confront President Trump.”

Limbaugh said of the poll: “Unhappy with the country’s direction? This is the only poll out there that has this result. Every other poll out there, consumer confidence is a record high. People’s attitudes about their future, record high. Leave it to USA Today to come along and claim they’ve got a poll showing voters are mad. They’ve had it with Trump, and they vow to elect a Congress that’ll stand up to Trump.”

“And one other little bid of news, my friends. There have been a lot of elections since Trump was inaugurated, and we’ve shared with you some of these elections that Democrats have flipped, but there’s one thing that you should know: Not a single special election for a seat in the House of Representatives has been won yet by the Democrats. Not a single one. They may be winning dogcatcher elections and they may be winning town council and low-turnout elections or state legislative elections, but they have yet to win any election for a seat in the House of Representatives since Trump was inaugurated, zilch, zero, nada.”

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