Mo Brooks fact checks his censure by ‘socialist Democrats’

by WorldTribune Staff, January 13, 2021

Alabama Republican Rep. Mo Brooks is not one to be intimidated by Democrats and the corporate media.

Rep. Mo Brooks

In a statement challenging his censure proposed by Democrat Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida and Tom Malinowski of New Jersey, Brooks blasted the “scurrilous fake news media and Socialist Democrat attacks” that he said were aimed at suppressing his free speech.

Brooks led the effort to challenge Electoral College votes on the House floor last Wednesday when protesters stormed the Capitol. Democrats and their leftist media lapdogs allege Brooks was among those who “incited” the Capitol violence.

“Let’s be clear, this entire smear campaign is about intimidating, censoring and suppressing the ability of American citizens to fight at the ballot box the efforts of Socialist Democrats to seize control of the United States of America,” Brooks said.

The Democrats’ censure proposal quotes Brooks as saying: “Today is the day patriots start taking down names and kicking ass.”

Brooks said he was talking about winning the House and Senate back in 2022, adding that all the Democrats and media had to do was read his speech.

“While I did utter those words, what is deceitfully omitted is the immediately preceding sentence, that begins with, ‘But let’s be clear, regardless of today’s outcome, the 2022 and the 2024 elections are right around the corner.’ ”

But, as has been proven on many occasions in recent years, Democrats aren’t big on reading legislation or the speeches of others. And the major media has no regard for context.

Brooks also ripped the Democrats’ censure resolution language which suggests that he wanted to injure House members and staff: “I was in the House Chamber when the attack began! The idea that I would encourage and incite violence on myself, my friends, and my colleagues is absurd.”

In his statement, Brooks noted that it has been the Democrats who have encouraged violence ever since President Donald Trump was elected.

And he offered no apology.

“Socialist Democrats and their fake news media allies won’t get an apology from me because my remarks were not wrong. Conversely, the Socialist Democrats and their fake news media allies should be apologizing to the public for the egregiously and manipulative way they have deceived the public on this issue.

“Rest assured; I will never apologize for fighting to win our causes at the ballot box. That is the American way!” he said.

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