Midland, Texas: ‘No viable, usable running water’ . . . . More than 10 percent of migrants tested positive for Covid-19


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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. / Video image

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott [provided] an exclusive update on conditions at two facilities where migrants are being held after crossing the U.S-Mexico border:

We’ve known this is a crisis. What I learned in just the past hour shows that we are now dealing with a humanitarian disaster. …

What we learned in Midland, just in the past hour, [are] two things. One is they have no proven clean running water at the location. They were using well water that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has informed the federal government has not been proven to be safe. There’s no telling what could be in there, including the possibility of arsenic. So the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is evaluating the water, the running water. So there is no viable, usable running water at the location in Midland.

And then on top of that, more than 10% of the migrants at the Midland location have now tested positive for COVID-19.


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