Memo from the Gynocracy: ‘You’d better go quietly’

by WorldTribune Staff, October 2, 2018

The “gynocrats” agenda is on full display amid the ongoing Brett Kavanaugh saga in Washington, D.C., a columnist noted.

“It is in this fevered atmosphere, where women are led to believe that all men are rapists or would-be rapists, that a charge made months earlier with a request for anonymity and kept hidden by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (but not from The Washington Post) was finally disclosed, with demands for a reopened hearing on the suitability of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court,” Clarice Feldman wrote for American Thinker on Sept. 30.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, left, greets Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand prior to Christine Blasey Ford’s (not pictured) testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Sept. 27. / Getty Images

President Donald Trump’s nominee has “without doubt, a pristine reputation. The accusation was vague – no date, no place were given,” Feldmand wrote. “The others she claimed were present, like the nominee, all denied the claim under penalty of perjury. On examination by a mild prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell from Arizona, Ford made a number of inconsistent statements and other assertions that were hardly credible. Mitchell notified the committee that had she received this information as a prosecutor, she would not have filed a charge against Kavanaugh and doubted she would even have been able to get a search warrant issued.”

Keeping that in mind, Feldman wrote, “The performance of women – from Feinstein to Christine Blasey Ford to the howling mobs on Capitol Hill – made me seriously consider surgically altering my sex. They are demanding special treatment because of their sex and in the process placing all of us – male and female alike – at peril of witch hunts against men and then, in time, against all who will not bow to their rule.”

Feldman noted that a Facebook friend of hers “reminded me of the advantage to me of transgendering: Ah, then we’d be unable to criticize your politics, your social viewpoints, your choice of teams to root for, and anything else you say because we’d be transphobic.”

“Unless, however, you do not want to transgender, I want to note how we came to such a place, a place both ridiculous and dangerous,” Feldman wrote. “Since when do those accusing others of crimes become ‘survivors’ rather than ‘accusers’? How you frame your self-description affects views, doesn’t it? If you claimed that someone had raped you, why must we always believe you just because you tag yourself ‘a survivor’? Do we do this with those who claim to have been robbed or beaten?  ‘I’m a robbery survivor, so you have to believe me when I say X robbed me.’ The shift in language is to message that accusers must always be believed. It is, at heart, based on a gross distortion of statistics.”

Feldman noted that “jiggered statistics were used to justify Title IX tribunals in colleges where men were grossly mistreated following false accusations. The Duke lacrosse team and University of Virginia cases come to mind, but daily we read of men who fought back, were reinstated to college, and even won substantial damages because their schools followed the Obama Department of Education’s gynocratic star chamber policies. Countless others doubtless lacked the financial ability to do so and had their lives damaged if not ruined by campus star chambers.”

Feldman cited Powerline blog’s John Hinderaker, who wrote that “The Democrats are telling us: Republicans, beware – if this can happen to Brett Kavanaugh, it can happen to anyone. You’d better go quietly and cede power to us.”

Hinderaker “is right about the strategy of the Democrats in Kavanaugh’s case,” Feldman wrote, adding that Democrats along with “various left-wing organizations and their media cohorts have created an atmosphere within which they could commit this outrage.”

Feldman continued: “And the pussy-hatted women are telling us they can do this to you whether or not you are a Republican, as long as you are a man. Really, guys, you have to fight this. You pick your weapon. You can march around in penis hats and accost senators in elevators demanding that since some men have been falsely accused of rape, all accusations of rape must be deemed falsely made. You can call a nationwide strike by men. Let the women dig the ditches, fix the electrical wires and telephone lines, fight all the fires and wars, and conduct all the police work and intricate surgeries. Do all the countless things men do every day to protect all of us – men and women alike.

“Or maybe, like me, you can vow to never vote for a Democrat again and fight tooth and nail against such efforts to distort our constitutional rights to due process.”

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