Media fascism? Trump voters, Hannity see a pattern

by WorldTribune Staff, May 1, 2017

The major media’s unending criticism of President Donald Trump is only reinforcing his supporters’ belief that he’s “on the right track in terms of shaking things up in Washington, D.C.,” a new poll found.

The poll, sponsored by the University of Virginia Center for Politics, found that 88 percent of Trump voters agree with the president’s statement that the press is the enemy of the American people, Breitbart reported on April 27.

Sean Hannity: ‘The dishonest media is out to silence every conservative voice in the country.’

Fox News host Sean Hannity spent some time on his April 26 broadcast outlining not just the attacks on Trump but an increasingly serious problem – what he calls “media fascism”.

After being falsely accused of sexual harassment — an accusation that was withdrawn after he announced he was hiring lawyers to defend himself — Hannity said of the leftist media:

“They’re expanding their attack to target media outlets and individuals who refuse to push their biased talking points and fall in line with their agenda. They hate Fox News. They hate talk radio. And they hate you, if you support our president and his policies.

“Like President Trump, I can fight back. But this is about more than either of us. The dishonest media is out to silence every conservative voice in the country. Trump’s election has made them come unhinged, and now they are coming after all of us.”

The University of Virginia poll asked respondents, “when you hear the media being critical of Donald Trump, does their criticism make you question your support for him, or does it reinforce that he’s on the right track in terms of shaking things up in Washington, D.C.?”

A whopping 88 percent said that the media’s attacks on Trump actually reinforce their feeling that he is on the right track. Just 12 percent said that the media’s criticism makes them question their support for the president.

One female Trump supporter told the pollsters that the media is not being a “voice of the people,” while a male voter who said he also voted for Obama in the past said that the media spends too much time “blowing things out of proportion.”

Hannity also said that the threat of violence used to prevent Ann Coulter from speaking at Cal Berkeley was just the latest instance of what is becoming “a huge turning point when it comes to freedom of speech in the United States of America.”

“Berkeley, which in the 1960s, fashioned itself as the home of free speech, is now the home of fascistic intellectual intolerance,” Hannity said.

“Ann Coulter is only the latest target. Liberal fascists are carrying out a well-funded and carefully orchestrated smear campaign to try and take down President Trump and anybody and everybody that supports him and his policies. I’ve also become a target, as the alt-left media repeats lies about me even though the original liar has since recanted. Why fact check when it might get in the way of ruining my career? They want to destroy me and get me off the air, once and for all.

“It’s not just about me, but by fighting back, I am hoping to use my case to expose what’s really happening,” Hannity said.

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