Media elite to Americans: No, you are not in charge of your country; We are

by WorldTribune Staff, November 8, 2020

The corporate media declared on Saturday that it is in charge of selecting the U.S. president.

While independent media was doing the legacy media’s job in investigating reports of widespread voter fraud, one by one the likes of Fox News, the alphabet networks and The Associated Press lined up to declare their candidate, Democrat Joe Biden, the winner.

Not willing to wait until lawsuits and official recounts in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan and Wisconsin were concluded, the major media moved “to pick our president and decide our election. The danger comes now, when in concert with Silicon Valley censors they use their own decree to dismiss and silence anyone who says otherwise,” Christopher Bedford, The Federalist’s senior editor, noted in a Nov. 7 op-ed.

“For large swaths of the corporate media, the work to elect a Democratic president never ended. From before he even took office, attempts to delegitimize President Donald Trump’s administration employed tools ranging from innuendo to foreign disinformation, and from partisan conspiracies to laughably labeled ‘anonymous senior officials.’ They did not stop Tuesday, holding calls on Republican wins like Florida for hours, and North Carolina for days, while recklessly rushing calls on states like Arizona for Team Blue,” Bedford noted.

“Donald Trump’s entire presidency is an affront to the media,” Bedford added. “His victory was an assertion that they are not in charge, we are. That’s why they hate him; that’s why they have to destroy him; and that’s what this power grab is about. It isn’t an election result, it is media elites reminding the people who is really in charge, and who gets to make the rules.”

“Nothing has changed since America went to bed Friday evening. There is a fight coming: After over a century of rule, the corruption of the big city Democratic machines will finally be examined in court. Every day, the media is going to call you crazy for demanding it.”

As Daniel Horowitz noted the The Blaze on Nov. 5:

“Who determines the outcome of the presidential election in a given state? Governors? Secretaries of state or boards of election superintendents? The courts? Nope. The president wins a state when electors selected by state legislatures conduct a vote in their respective states on Dec. 14. Thus, ultimately, according to the Constitution, the state legislators wind up serving as the kingmakers in a disputed election.”

Not the Fox News decision desk.

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