Meadows: President Trump only thing standing between Americans and ‘mob’

by WorldTribune Staff, July 8, 2020

There is only thing standing between the leftist mob rampaging through America’s cities and law-abiding Americans and that is President Donald Trump, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said Monday.

Meadows told Fox News host Sean Hannity that tragic stories like the major increase in violence in various Democrat-run cities will continue to repeat itself until the unrest is dealt with by local officials.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows

“[Trump] is the only thing that stands between the mob and the American people. First, it’s the statues. Then it’s the businesses. Then it’s their homes,” Meadows said.

“Sadly, we have had a loss of life — and yet this president is willing, and not only willing but has already put forth, federal resources to make sure that we can restore law and order. He did that about ten days ago; not only in D.C. but across the nation.”

Meadows said the “untold story” amid the unrest is how the president is utilizing the federal government to both respond to and protect communities seeing such issues.

“This president was willing and did indeed provide federal resources in Minneapolis, as you mentioned — also in Seattle [and] Portland.”

Over the weekend in Adams County, Pennsylvania, local reports said Trump’s Department of Homeland Security also had officers on the ground at Gettysburg National Military Park in the case of such violence cropping up on the coincidence of the July 4th holiday and the anniversary of the July 1-3, 1863 Civil War battle.

“When we look at some of these cities, as he goes forward, he’s making sure that we have not only the Department of Justice, but the Department of Homeland Security and others to make sure that our communities are safe,” Meadows said.

Meadows’ comments followed Trump’s address at Mt. Rushmore which many conservatives said was the best of his presidency.

“The generalized theme of the speech was exactly right,” conservative commentator Ben Shapiro said. “It was probably the best speech he’s ever given.”

However, Shapiro warned, “The media are totally gaslighting this thing.”

Leftist media members were quick to condemn the president’s speech.

“The media is saying that Trump is just delusional … that all the things he’s talking about in his speech did not happen,” Shapiro said. “So when Trump talks about the destruction of American history or the cancel culture, all of this is a figment of his imagination?”

“Now, you’ve been following the news for the past few months,” Shapiro continued. “You might say to yourself, ‘Wait, what? Like what?’ We’ve been watching people talking openly about tearing down statues of George Washington.”

“I’m pointing out to you, you’re not crazy,” Shapiro said. “Don’t be gaslit. All this stuff was happening. But now that Trump said that it was happening the media was like, it never happened. You imagined it. There are not threats to America’s history, or her culture, or her freedoms. We’re not trying to indoctrinate you … you’re just crazy!”

Meanwhile, Senate Democrats last week killed a resolution aimed at curbing mob violence.

Sen. Mike Lee, Utah Republican, introduced the bill after a man in Utah was mobbed then shot by a group of rioters. The non-binding resolution offered a statement of support for peaceful protesters and law enforcement who do their job well, while condemning violence and the desecration of monuments across the country.

“A non-binding resolution is the tiniest first step of a response,” Lee said as he introduced the resolution. “We need to do much, much more… but in this divided political moment,… showing that Senate Republicans and Senate Democrats are able to speak with one voice against woke mob violence and in defense of equal justice and civic peace would be a welcome step.”

The resolutions itself states that the country was “founded on universal principles of freedom, justice, and human equality.” It also acknowledged that “throughout our nation’s history, Americans have struggled to realize those ideals … but nonetheless made greater progress toward them than any nation on earth.”

Sen. Bob Menendez, New Jersey Democrat, spoke directly after Lee and shot down the resolution, which Menendez said “reeks of supremacism. Reeks of supremacist views. And it seeks to mischaracterize overwhelmingly peaceful protests across the nation.”

Menendez then offered to support the resolution on one condition: if it condemned Trump. He stated that if a sentence was added condemning “politicians who incite violence, especially President Trump,” the resolution would be acceptable. He then attacked the president for retweeting a video of two homeowners pointing firearms at a mob that stormed the gates to their private neighborhood.

Lee attempted to compromise, saying he was willing to include the section about any politicians without the specific attack on the president. Menendez refused to budge, and the resolution died.

“I don’t know whether to be outraged or just embarrassed for the Senate,” Lee said. Staring down Menendez, Lee said “they can’t say mob violence is bad without bringing up the president…People are being shot. Businesses looted. Lives are being ruined. Communities are burning. Whose side are you on?”

After Menendez complained that accusing them of covering for the mob was unbecoming of the legislative body, Lee shot back, “It is unbecoming to accuse another senator of supremacy.”

Lee added: “The mob hates America on America’s dime. It’s time to cut their allowance.”

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