Mandalay Bay security guards were banned from carrying ‘weapons of any kind’

by WorldTribune Staff, October 11, 2017

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo revealed on Oct. 9 that a Mandalay Bay security guard had discovered Stephen Paddock six minutes before the Las Vegas shooting began on Oct. 1.

The hotel security guard, Jesus Campos, however, was not armed and was shot and wounded by Paddock.

What if the security guard who discovered Stephen Paddock six minutes before the attack had been armed? / AP

“What if he had been carrying a Glock 19 with a 15-round magazine and had been well-trained in use of the firearm?” Breitbart News Second Amendment columnist AWR Hawkins asked.

“Many on the left argue against more good guys guns and even against the basic premise that a good guy with a gun is the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun. But such arguments are not logical,” Hawkins wrote in an Oct. 10 column.

Breitbart News had previously reported that Mandalay Bay’s 2012 guidelines for private security mandated that guards are banned from carrying “weapons of any kind.” The guidelines define weapons as “guns, knives, nightsticks, mace, pepper spray, stun guns etc.,” all of which are designated as “strictly prohibited on Mandalay Bay property.”

“Consider the heinous attack on Sandy Hook Elementary, where there were no good guys with guns and the attacker had over nine minutes without any armed resistance,” Hawkins wrote.

“Contrast that with a shooting almost one year later to the day – a shooting in which Karl Halverson Pierson entered Denver, Colorado’s Arapahoe High School with a shotgun and was confronted by an armed guard.”

The Christian Science Monitor reported that the armed guard began running toward the sound of the shooter as soon as the first shots were fired. Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson said that as a result of the guard’s action, “the heavily-armed shooter realized he was about to be confronted by an armed officer and took his own life.”

Hawkins wrote: “Because of a good guy with a gun the Arapahoe High School shooting lasted 80 seconds and only took the life of one innocent. Quite a contrast with the Sandy Hook attack that lasted over nine minutes and took 26 lives.

“This begs the question, how many lives might have saved on Oct. 1 if Paddock had been confronted by a good guy with a gun six minutes before the attack began?”

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