Making sense of Arizona’s election system: Sun Devils are in the details?

by WorldTribune Staff, July 24, 2023

In February of this year, Arizona Republican state Rep. Liz Harris invited an election fraud investigator to testify before the state legislature.

Trailer for interview with Liz Harris.

Jacqueline Breger proceeded “to disclose evidence of significant, far reaching fraud implicating elected Arizona officials, judges, and election workers of fraud and corruption charges involving the Sinaloa cartel and even the Church of Latter-day Saints,” Broken Truth reported on July 20.

Democrats and their media allies attacked Harris, saying the testimony was “baseless.”

Then, Democrat state Rep. Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton filed an ethics complaint against Harris.

Harris was eventually expelled from the state legislature.

It turns out that Stahl-Hamilton, who is also a Presbyterian minister, just happens to be the Arizona lawmaker caught on camera stealing Bibles from the House members lounge and hiding them.

Ethics charges were also brought against Stahl-Hamilton. She was censured, not expelled.

“Because in Arizona you can steal and hide Bibles, but you can’t speak your truth,” Broken Truth noted. “Seriously. What the hell is going on in Arizona? I think they might want to start changing mascots, quick.”

(The full video testimony of Breger before the Senate Committee on Elections and House Committee on Municipal Oversight and Elections can be viewed here.)

(View Stahl-Hamilton’s ethics hearing here.)

(View the Broken Truth report in full here.)

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