Liz Cheney uses Jan. 6 committee to subpoena her primary opponent’s campaign adviser

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, June 13, 2022

From her high media profile position as one of the overlords of the Select Committee on Jan. 6, Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney has subpoenaed a campaign adviser for her primary opponent.

Rep. Liz Cheney

Cheney has subpoenaed former Donald Trump campaign manager William Stepien, who also is Wyoming Republican candidate Harriet Hageman’s campaign adviser.

News of Cheney issuing the subpoena to Stepien came soon after new polling showed Hageman, who has been endorsed by Trump, with a commanding 30-point lead over Cheney.

According to The Hill, Stepien appeared before the committee last November and was a primary mover in Trump’s “Stop the Steal” campaign.

Breitbart’s Paul Bois noted: “Unless Liz Cheney and the committee unveil a bombshell surprise during the next hearing, it is unlikely the Stepien subpoena will have any effect on her primary campaign against Hageman, given that few Americans are tuning in for the broadcast.”

During a rally for Hageman in late May, Trump referred to Cheney as a “backstabbing” RINO.

“Worse than the terrible Democrats are the backstabbing RINO Republicans that are helping them do their act,” Trump said. “And there is no RINO in America who has thrown in her lot with the radical left more than Liz Cheney.”

Trump further described Cheney as a “lapdog for Pelosi and a human soundbite machine for CNN and MSDNC. She has gone crazy. Now I get it. I’ve been hearing these stories for years. Now I get it. She’s gone totally crazy.”

The Wyoming Republican primary is set for Aug. 16.

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