Limbaugh: Trump support stronger, ‘more quiet’ over ‘insanity’

by WorldTribune Staff, August 12, 2019

According to Gallup, President Donald Trump’s approval rating among Republicans has been solidly around 90 percent for the entirety of 2019.

“And it may be even higher now,” radio host Rush Limbaugh said. “Those people are totally behind Trump. They are fully, quietly supportive of Trump and his agenda. They grow stronger and more quiet by the day, and that’s the great dichotomy.”

Rush Limbaugh: ‘The basic Trump supporter (you), you’re just out there. Some of you are probably not totally invisible, but the grand majority of Trump supporters is just out there seething.’ / Wikimedia Commons

Trump’s supporters “are growing stronger, but they are shutting up,” Limbaugh noted. “They don’t want to make themselves targets” of the “sheer insanity that seems to be taking over and has taken over the Drive-By Media and the entirety of the Democrat Party.”

“But they are seething out there,” Limbaugh said on his Aug. 7 program, the day Trump traveled to El Paso and Dayton.

The “one thing that I think that is happening (just to reinforce this) that nobody is reporting on at all — not even what you would consider friendly outlets like Fox — is I think that the base support for Trump is solidifying and I think it is growing because I think those people are seething,” Limbaugh said. “They are the ones being called white supremacists. They are the ones being called white nationalists. They are the ones being blamed for all this, and they know they are not responsible for it, and they know that Donald Trump isn’t responsible for it.”

Trump’s supporters, Limbaugh said, “know that most of the rhetoric in this country that is inciting extremism emanates from the Left. Most of the activity that incites extremism and violence emanates from the Left. Do I need to give you the organizations? Antifa. Black Lives Matter. I could go down the list. Planned Parenthood. These are people who do this as a way of life. The basic Trump supporter (you), you’re just out there. Some of you are probably not totally invisible, but the grand majority of Trump supporters is just out there seething.”

Limbaugh, who said he is a “typical Trump supporter, as far as you can define ‘typical,’ ” added that he is “seething over this stuff. Each and every day, I’m seething over it. Now, don’t misunderstand. This doesn’t mean I’m depressed. This stuff literally ticks me off! Every time I hear these clowns throw out the term ‘white supremacist,’ ‘white supremacy,’ it ticks me off, and it makes me want to defeat them even more. It makes me want them to go down in flames even more — and in this, I believe I am typical.”

Limbaugh continued: “I don’t believe that this behavior and language by the Democrat Party is inspiring ambivalence. I don’t think it’s inspiring people to sit out there and not care about it. You can’t help but be affected by it, and you can’t help but be angered and irritated by it, because it… Look, War on Women, Trump traitor, Trump collusion, now white supremacy. The Democrats always have something going on that represents a targeting of us. People are fed up with it and, I believe, have been for the longest time!”

Trump has presented Democrats with “a golden opportunity” to “do something about guns,” Limbaugh noted.

What are the Democrats doing?

“They don’t want any part of it. They don’t want any part of a solution to any of these problems,” Limbaugh said. “They’re afraid Trump will get credit, number one, even though they would be driving this. They’re the ones demanding all of this. They’re the ones demanding red flag laws, and the president says, ‘Okay. I’ll talk to you about it.’ They’re the ones demanding to close the gun show loophole and all this other rhetoric about guns.”

Trump is willing to talk and “he’s doing this with full knowledge that they’re not gonna take him up on it because he knows they’re not serious about it,” Limbaugh said. “Now, this is something, for those of you who may be on the fence out there, to wake up and realize: They are not serious about this! They love these circumstances! They love this! The media loves this! They love the opportunity to continue to make the case against Republicans because all this is about is getting rid of Trump. All of this is about nothing more than winning the next election, not solving any of these problems. These mass shootings are not new. Democrats don’t have any ideas to stop them. All they have is blame, and they relish it and they love it. But the idea is that Trump is signaling a willingness here to moderate on gun laws and the Democrats are nowhere to be found. I know what some of you are saying. “Come on, Rush. They know that Trump’s probably tricking them! They know…


“No, no! Folks, we take them seriously, right? These are the people that care. These are the people with compassion. These are the people that really want to stop this; right? What have they always said the problem is? The Republicans! ‘The Republicans are not willing to cooperate. The Republicans don’t want to participate in bashing the NRA. The Republicans don’t…’ Well, Trump has signaled a willingness to sit down and talk to them about it. They’re not interested. I’m just telling you, if you’re on the fence watching this, do not fall for the trick that the Democrats, media, whoever on the Left sincerely cares about all this.

“They don’t. Not to the extent they want you to believe. I’ll never forget Wayne LaPierre of the NRA was on This Week with David Brinkley back in the nineties. Bill Clinton was president, and I was shocked to hear LaPierre say this. But the situation was the same. Democrats were riled up about some incident involving a gun, demanding that something be done, the NRA be disbanded, defunded, what have you. Clinton wouldn’t take ’em up on it. Nobody would cooperate. The Democrats just wanted to jawbone about it.

“Wayne LaPierre said that he thinks, back in 1992, that President Clinton was comfortable with a certain level of violence because it allowed the promotion of the Democrat talking points and issue. We’re seeing much the same thing play out here. Now, they demand that Trump be president of all the people. What’s Trump doing? He’s going to Dayton today. He’s in Dayton. He’s going to El Paso. What are they saying? ‘Stay away! We don’t want you. You’re not welcome. You’re the cause. You’re the reason,’ even though the Dayton shooter is right out of the Bernie Sanders-Elizabeth Warren campaign handbook.”

Trump “has taken every issue away” from Democrats, Limbaugh said. “They spent eight years with Obama conditioning people to think America’s best days are behind us! In less than three years, Donald Trump has totally blown up the agenda of the Democrat Party to create a bigger government based on more dependence, based on more people incapable of and incompetent at taking care of themselves. Trump has blown it up.”

Limbaugh continued: “A lot of Democrats believed Obama. A lot of them believed that the best days are behind us. Now Trump’s come along, and they’re feeling left out. They’ve been lied to, they’re disjointed, they’re angry. Elected Democrats know that there’s nothing they can say about ‘elect me ’cause I can do even better.’ Which is the standard way you get elected to office! If you want to go to Trump’s campaign… You know, take away all of the personality aspects of Trump. If you boil the Trump campaign down to one or two things, what was it?

“ ‘I can do better than what we’ve had, and I can make America rebound again.’ That’s what it was. That’s all it was. For all of the nuance and for all of the bombast and the braggadocio, that’s Trump’s agenda: Make America Great Again. We don’t have to settle for being mediocre like the eight years of Obama tried to condition us all. That’s all it was! That’s what Jack Kennedy did in 1960 running in the postwar fifties boom. You know, Eisenhower had spent his eight years. Nixon was the opponent. Kennedy said, ‘I can do better.’

“He said, ‘We’re younger. Pass the torch to a new generation. We can do better.’ It was upbeat; it was positive. The Democrats don’t have anybody that can say they can do it better, because the Democrats don’t believe that what’s happening now is possible. They don’t believe what’s happening now with the economy, for example, unemployment? They don’t think that’s real! To them, life is miserable. It’s dystopian. Most people are miserably unhappy.

“The Democrats are there to help them manage the misery, to help them manage their depression and their unhappiness.”

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