Light-hearted Brexit champ Farage describes heavy threats from intolerant Left

by WorldTribune Staff, November 27, 2016

British Independence Party leader and Brexit champion Nigel Farage “can’t go anywhere” these days without being physically threatened by angry leftists.

The 52-year-old father of four, whose family was chased out of a pub and had their car attacked by protesters last year, said the “aggro” had become worse since Donald Trump’s election victory.

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage

“The thought of doing a Friday night pub crawl around Westminster – I just can’t do it any more,” Farage said.

Revealing he had been threatened with a glass on Nov. 24, Farage said: “I’ve got no life – I can’t do anything, I can’t go anywhere. Certainly I would not go out in London of an evening on my own without security – couldn’t even think about it.”

Farage announced his retirement on June 24, the day after Britain voted to leave the EU, amid claims he quit over fears he would be assassinated. He said he would “watch more cricket, do more fishing and see more of the kids.”

Then came the Trump revolution. “The America dimension changed everything,” Farage said. “It’s been so full-on, unbelievable really.”

Trump even tweeted that Farage would “do a great job” as British ambassador to the US, prompting anger from 10 Downing Street who said there was “no vacancy”.

Meanwhile, at a party to celebrate Brexit on Nov. 23, Farage exclaimed that 2017 could be even more politically explosive than 2016.

Asked what he meant, he said of the French elections: “If Le Pen wins, it is the end of the EU.”

He added: “I know her. She’s very determined, brilliant on TV. I mean absolutely brilliant. When you watch her making her argument and you can see her getting into it she is really good at it. There’s lots of baggage and that’s the problem.”

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