Letter: For sake of future generations, American voters must leave the comfort zone

Special to WorldTribune.com

Dear Editor, Fairfax Free Citizen

Conservative voters are confused. Conservative Christians are the most confused of all. This shouldn’t be. We observe the political scene. We hear what the electeds say. Then we look on, frustrated because their campaign rhetoric does not align itself with their actions. They work for us. We are not here to serve them.

How this sea change in the political process occurred may debated until the end of time. The primary reason seems to be that those elected to represent the people lost their perspective because of their desire to obtain and maintain their exalted status.

Freedom of Speech / Norman Rockwell

Peaceful resistance to the overreach of government should not become an us versus them adversarial event dedicated to determining winners and losers.The basis, the rule book if you will, for how elected officials are to conduct business is the U.S. Constitution.

To exceed the limitations posed on representatives of the people amounts to criminal activity. The questioning of the excess by free people is not criminal. Peaceful pushback against abuse of authority is a noble act and should be part of the daily life of every American.

Those of us who believe in the limitations placed on our representatives, Conservatives, have become the enemy of those who do not believe in limits on what politicians do. Indeed, many believe that the more government does for people, the better. What these people do not understand is that ultimately, such thinking leads to literal slavery imposed on free people.

Slowly and methodically, this ideology has crept into the American psyche: Government good — limitations bad.

It sounds like something Aldous Huxley might have written.

The voice of the Conservative should resonate with loud affirmation of the virtues of doing the right thing. With equal enthusiasm, those voices should call out the failure of the Political Class to remain true to their promises which should focus on defending the laws of the land while making their best efforts to preserve the American Culture.

Some of the reluctance by Conservatives to get involved in political issues arises from their belief that political protest is a dirty business better left to others. The idea of protest is associated with marching in the street, open defiance of law, and fear of alienation by friends and family.

The questioning of politicians is not necessarily any of this. Indeed, responsible citizens have a duty to demand truth, justice, and accountability from elected officials. Christians know that Jesus took an active role in changing how business was being conducted by the money changers at the temple.

It is not pleasant to become labeled a pariah.

Remaining in a comfort zone pretending to be unaffected by the political process is even more disturbing.

Voting periodically while ignoring political reality is unacceptable behavior. We must remain vigilant in keeping watch on politicians and their activities.

We must, for the sake of future generations, do our part to see to it that America and the American dream remain a viable part of America’s future.

Chuck Wade
Butler, GA