Left’s ‘justice’ warriors now taking aim at James O’Keefe and top GOP donor Leonard Leo

by WorldTribune Staff, August 23, 2023

In its relentless push to silence independent media and their political enemies, the Left is now targeting a journalist who has exposed many of their misdeeds as well as a major donor who is funding candidates opposed to their agenda.

The Westchester County District Attorney’s Office in New York has confirmed that it is investigating James O’Keefe, who was suspended in February and later fired as chairman and CEO of Project Veritas. The Project Veritas board claimed O’Keefe spent “an excessive amount of donor funds” on personal luxuries.

James O’Keefe

Politico reported on Tuesday that Washington, D.C. Attorney General Brian Schwalb is investigating judicial activist and major GOP donor Leonard Leo and his network of nonprofit groups.

Turning Point USA founder and CEO Charlie Kirk noted in a post on X: “For you keeping score at home… We now have the local DC DA investigating the #1 funder for conservative political causes on the right. We have the local Westchester DA investigating James O’Keefe trying to put him in prison. We have the local Manhattan DA indicting Trump for an unprecedented “crime” and trying to indict his whole family. We have the local Fulton County DA indicting Trump and 18 conservatives. We have the Michigan AG targeting 16 alternate electors. And not a single Republican DA or AG has the stones to investigate or indict the criminals on the left. This is why you are losing your country.”

News of the O’Keefe investigation was first reported by The Nation, which claimed the journalist was being investigated for “looting Project Veritas.”

O’Keefe’s lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, blamed the investigation on “disgruntled former employees of Project Veritas who had a problem with their CEO using too many car services to pay for fundraising efforts which paid their salaries.”

“We were told by the new Project Veritas CEO that the investigation had ended,” Lichtman said. “If it’s not, we will crush it in court.”

Jin Whang, a spokesperson for District Attorney Mimi Rocah, declined to discuss the subject or details of the investigation, or what potential charges, if any, O’Keefe could face

The scope of the investigation in D.C. of Leo is unclear. Politico reported in March that one of Leo’s nonprofits — registered as a charity — paid his for-profit company tens of millions of dollars in the two years since he joined the company. A few weeks later, a progressive watchdog group filed a complaint with the D.C. attorney general and the IRS requesting a probe into what services were provided and whether Leo was in violation of laws against using charities for personal enrichment.

David B. Rivkin Jr., an attorney for the parties in the investigation, said in a statement that the complaint “is sloppy, deceptive and legally flawed and we are addressing this fully with the D.C. Attorney General’s office.”

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Leo became prominent in the Left’s crosshairs after he became known as President Donald Trump’s White House “court whisperer.”

Leo played a behind-the-scenes role in the nominations of all three of Trump’s Supreme Court justices and promoted them through his multi-billion-dollar network of nonprofits. Trump chose his three Supreme Court picks, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, from a list drawn up by Leo.

More recently, Leo was the beneficiary of a $1.6 billion contribution, believed to be the biggest political donation in U.S. history.

In a rare interview, Leo told the Maine Wire podcast last month that he has become a “lightening rod for criticism” from the Left due to his commitment to “defend the Constitution” and spoke about the “long history” of dark money in U.S. politics.

“It’s not to hide in the shadows,” he said. “It’s because we want ideas judged by their own moral and intellectual force.”

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