‘Largest online purge in history’: It’s not just President Trump who is being censored

by WorldTribune Staff, January 10, 2021

The purge has shifted into full gear.

“It’s getting bad and it’s obvious they’re cutting media influence of folks on the right to cut any question/dissent from the Democratic narrative,” RedState’s Nick Arama noted on Jan. 9. “They’re trying to consolidate power now while they have the excuse of the Capitol protests to buttress the fascistic effort.”

“Twitter is going after anyone they think is violating the narrative,” Arama added.

“They’ve now booted a slew of well-know influencers on the right.

“More pointedly, they took down the people who were not posting anything offensive that would violate the terms of service but were questioning things about the Democratic narrative about the facts.”

The following are some of the posts recorded as the purge was being carried out:

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