Jovan Pulitzer offers some little-known insights about 2020 voting machines

by WorldTribune Staff, April 12, 2021

Pattern recognition specialist Jovan Hutton Pulitzer continues to report on what he has knows and has discovered regarding election fraud and foreign interference in the 2020 election.

Pulitzer noted in recent posts on his Telegram feed:

Jovan Pulitzer

• #VotingMachine audits and “boater frogged” did u know the very people who could go to jail 4 #boaterfrogged (say it fast) get to decide WHICH machines are audited? Talk about job security. It’s a broken system from top to bottom.

• #VotingMachines and #BoaterFrogged did you know that in 1 certified audit 100% of all California counties were using uncertified software on their machines?

• #VotingMachineHistory #BoaterFrogged did you know that voting machines can be software “updated w software patches” even on the morning or during the day of an election? And it is all unchecked, unverified with ZERO real accountability and oversight? #WTF

• #VotingMachineHistory did you know one state and machine vendor did not report machine failures happening since a new $60m contract for said machines w the state was “pending”

• #VotingMachineHistory Our government commissioned a massive study on problems with #VotingMachines and the report revealed 328 major security flaws 26 critical to protecting America! But in the 200 page report 131 pages were redacted so no one could see what they were! #WTF

• #VotingMachineHistory one Vice Chairman of a #VotingMachine testing company which certifies the machines was also the Chairman of the company which supposedly tracked and fixed the “bugs” #WTF #ConflictOfInterest big time! #NothingToSeeHere

• If #VotingMachines can optically scan and then tally all votes, why is there a function to go in and manually change the vote counts in these machines and databases? There can only be nefarious reasons for a “manual entry override” #WTF

• #VotingMachineHistory if “the machines don’t connect to the Internet ” then why do the manuals have “remote access to the database” which any admin can access? Why would an election supervisor need “remote access” anyway? #NothingToSeeHere #WTF

• #VotingMachineHistory quote from tech examiner ding audits “Wireless programming required? Are they nuts? Wireless programming is a security hole as big as a 747”!

• #VotingMachineHistory Did you know MULTIPLE administrators can access votes log? Anyone can correct vote counts at any time. Creates one edited file one old file and a NEW file to be assigned. For example new old file to match edited new file. Why 3 sets of books needed? #WTF

Pulitzer added: “One vote today should be the same as it was in 1776, which was the same as 1876, which was the idea in 1976, which started to be eroded with computerized machines starting in the 80s and 90s and was corruptly perfected in 2020. We need to get back to 1776 standards n ethics!”

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