Journalist who broke story of Clinton-Lynch secret tarmac meeting found dead

by WorldTribune Staff, June 13, 2021

The reporter who broke the story about the secret tarmac meeting between ex-President Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch was found dead by first responders at his home in Hoover, Alabama on Saturday morning.

Hoover police Lt. Keith Czeskleba said the death of Chris Sign is being investigated as a suicide, reported. Sign was 45.

Chris Sign

Sign reported the June 27, 2016 tarmac meeting at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport. He was a morning anchor at the Phoenix-area ABC15 when his exclusive detailed the tarmac encounter between Clinton and Lynch.

Sign recently told Fox News his family was threatened after he broke the story, which occurred in the lead up to the 2016 presidential election.

“My family received significant death threats shortly after breaking this story,” Sign said. “Credit cards hacked. You know, my children, we have code words. We have secret code words that they know what to do.”

The tarmac meeting took place as the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecure, unauthorized email server. Days after Bill Clinton met with Lynch, then-FBI Director James Comey announced criminal charges would not be filed against Hillary Clinton.

Lynch and Bill Clinton claim Hillary Clinton’s emails were never discussed during the tarmac meeting. Both say Bill Clinton brought up golf, while Lynch said Clinton told her he had played golf during that particular trip to Arizona.

In May 2019, Sign told RealClearInvestigations he was unable to find “a single person who claims or corroborates any story that Bill Clinton played golf on this particular trip,” and said, “I feel strongly the former president did not play golf on this visit.”

On July 3, 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump tweeted:”Does anybody really believe that Bill Clinton and the U.S.A.G. talked only about ‘grandkids’ and golf for 37 minutes in plane on tarmac?”

Sign wrote a book about the encounter titled “Secret on the Tarmac”. It details what he had said was “everything that they don’t want you to know and everything they think you forgot” about the June 2016 meeting.

“Bill Clinton was on that plane for 20 minutes, and it wasn’t just about golf, grandkids, and Brexit,” Sign said.

“Most of her [Lynch’s] staff gets off [the airplane], he [Clinton] then gets on as the Secret Service and FBI are figuring out, ‘How in the world are we supposed to handle this? What are we supposed to do?’ ” Sign said.

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