Iran’s Rouhani declares ‘victory’ over Trump on nuclear deal

by WorldTribune Staff, January 14, 2018

Two days after U.S. President Donald Trump extended the waiver on Iran nuclear sanctions and kept the 2015 Iran nuclear deal alive, Iran’s “moderate” President Hassan Rouhani declared victory for the Islamic Republic.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. / AFP / File

“The American administration has failed to undermine the nuclear deal,” Rouhani said on state television on Jan. 14. “Trump, despite his repeated efforts, has failed to undermine the accord … The deal is a long-lasting victory for Iran.”

Thousands of Iranians were arrested in protests against the regime early this year inspired in part by the full support of the Trump White House which warned that the U.S. would be “watching.”

After Trump extended the waiver on Jan. 12, senior officials in the administration vowed it would be the “last time” the president waives the sanctions unless the United States and its European allies can find a way to remove in the next four months loopholes in the nuclear deal that Iran has continuously exploited.

“He intends to work with our European partners on some kind of follow-on agreement that enshrines certain triggers that the Iranian regime cannot exceed related to ballistic missiles, related to nuclear breakout period… to inspection and that would have no sunset clause,” said the officials, according to The Hill.

Trump also slapped new sanctions on 14 Iranian corporations and individuals connected to Iran’s ballistic missile program.

Rouhani has made it clear that Iran will continue to produce missiles for its defense and does not consider it a violation of international agreements.

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