Iranian police close 800 stores for selling ‘inappropriate’ clothing

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Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Iranian media reported that police have shut down more than 800 clothing stores across the country for selling “unconventional and inappropriate” attire — believed to mean Western-style outfits and women’s clothing that doesn’t meet strict Islamic requirements.

Iran's religious police with samples of inappropriate women's clothing. / Reuters
Iran’s religious police with samples of inappropriate women’s clothing. / Reuters

The reports on September 5 said the raids took place over a 10-day span after authorities first sent official warnings to merchants in more than 3,600 shops.

Iranian police and state TV have in recent weeks campaigned against selling secondhand clothes, which are considered “unhygienic,” as well as clothes with English-language print on them.

Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution brought Islamists to power in Iran, women are required to cover from head-to-toe in loose-fitting simple overcoats that hide the feminine shape. They are also required to cover their head with a scarf.

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