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by WorldTribune Editors, December 3, 2017

It’s the holiday season, and we extend warm greetings and our thanks for your interest and support.

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo, Editor Robert Morton, Matt Drudge, Washington Times Managing Editor Fran Coombs at the White House Correspondents Club dinner 2002.

Before starting WorldTribune in 1998, I gave a friend’s teenage son $100 to develop a turn-key html site with a half dozen specifications.Voila!

Life was simpler then. A few of the early Internet news pioneers including Matt Drudge, Joe Farah and Chris Ruddy were friends. In those days, the Mainstream Media were not web savvy and the digital Wild West offered a relatively level playing field.

That was then and this is now. In recent months, Google and Facebook have shifted to new business models that demand payment by publishers for not throttling back search engine and referral traffic. Pay for play. We’re not paying. That means that those millions of new readers we were always encountering day to day now graze like sheep only in sponsored pastures.

That’s fine. We would rather visit with loyal readers who come here because they, not someone else, decided to.

Let’s get acquainted. Many of our editors and writers can be found on our Editorial Board. The pay is absolutely not commensurate with their hard work. It is a labor of love. Your gift to us would be to let us hear from you at

Please feel free to weigh in to all or any of our writers or to me personally. We also welcome publishable letters and commentaries, not to mention news tips and bright ideas. Please copy our survey below and email it with your responses which will be kept confidential. Again, thank you and best wishes!

Robert Morton for the Editors, WorldTribune


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