Instant karma: Biden supporter flips off Trump crowd, then slams car in front of her

by WorldTribune Staff, September 24, 2020

It was an apparent case of driving under the influence of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

In a viral video posted to Twitter on Tuesday, a Joe Biden supporter is seen caught in heavy traffic at a street corner where a Trump rally was taking place.

The woman decided to taunt Trump supporters, flipping them the bird while screaming at them.

The angry driver then decided to take it one step further, leaning out of the window from the waist up and unleashing a devastating double flip off at the Trump crowd.

She seemed to forget she had taken her foot off the brake.

The woman rammed the car in front of her, which hadn’t yet moved forward.

In the video, which has more than 2 million views, Trump supporters can be heard saluting the woman’s valiant effort with cheers.

As she sat in the car, she made another gesture, seemingly blaming the driver of the car in front of her for the accident.

In a matter of seconds, police sirens could be heard, and two police officers walked up and greeted the woman who was still stewing in her car.

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