Independent film producer: ‘We are suffering from a lack of God’

by WorldTribune Staff, June 5, 2020

Maybe Americans do need to “fall to our knees” — and “return to God,” an independent film producer said in a Facebook post.

“Sorry, I’m going to say some very shocking things here. Our problem is not ‘race’ or ‘politics’ or ‘economy’ or ‘education’ or ‘gender.’ We are suffering from a lack of God,” Kate Tsubata wrote.

Kate Tsubata. /

Tsubata, who wrote and produced the narrative feature films “Soul Search”, “Cashing Out”, and “Ai Means Love”, continued:

“We are deluded into thinking each other are enemies — because we don’t realize that each person is a living, breathing manifestation of God. We are conceived, birthed, given life, and sustained by a brilliant and loving Spirit — EVERY ONE of us is unique, a marvel of specialized talents and gifts and abilities. God is our Identity. Look into that other person’s face — and you will see God. Look into your own, and realize that He is looking out, from your eyes.

“If each person is a vessel of the Divine, can we trample on that person? Deny them their rights? Hurt them in any way? Wish harm for them?

“That person that today has a difference of opinion from me will tomorrow be the person I need to save my life. Yes, the cop, the nurse, the firefighter, the truck driver, the restaurant owner, the janitor, the pilot, the surgeon, the fruit picker. We need each other. All of us.

“We have become enamored of our own voices — but we forget to listen to the still small voice inside.

“We need to shut up. We need to open our hearts and eyes and ears and maybe even fall to our knees, and grieve and mourn and admit we’re broken. We need to return our hearts to the One Heart.

“As a nation, as a world, we need to return to God.”

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Tsubata in a March 2 essay for Right to, noted: “Faith underlies every advancement of human thought, action and behavior. Where there is freedom of faith, a society flourishes. People of faith start hospitals, universities, orphanages, schools. People of faith oppose injustices — even when those injustices are allowed by the laws of the day. Faith impelled the abolitionists to oppose slavery and the civil rights leaders to nonviolent resistance to segregation.”

The Framers of the Constitution “insisted on two aspects of the right to belief: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. The judiciary are the guardians of this process,” Tsubata wrote. “The judiciary are tasked with preserving both aspects of this freedom—to ensure that no faith is established, under precedent or law, and secondly to ensure that every citizen has the right to freely exercise his or her faith.”

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