In first 21 months, Trump slashed $33 billion in regulations; Obama imposed $245 billion

by WorldTribune Staff, October 17, 2018

Since President Donald Trump took office in January 2017, his administration has killed 176 regulations and delayed or withdrawn 2,253 Obama-era regulations that were set to be implemented, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) reported.

The Trump administration has cut 12 regulations for every new one it has proposed. / AFP

The White House budget office said the U.S. has saved $23 billion this year alone from cutting regulations and $33 billion overall since Trump took office.

Over his first 21 months in office, President Barack Obama imposed $245 billion in new regulations.

The Office of Management and Budget reported that in the last fiscal year the Trump administration cut 12 regulations for every new one it proposed.

Neomi Rao, administrator for OMB, said the administration is also moving to block agencies from sneaking in new regulations by requiring a more transparent process.

“The administration aims to restore greater political accountability and ensure that agencies respect the constitutional values of due process and fair notice,” Rao wrote in the report titled Cutting the Red Tape.

“This includes limiting the improper use of guidance documents – ensuring that agencies cannot impose new obligations on the public in a press release, blog post, or speech, but instead must use rule-making procedures that generally include notice to the public and an opportunity to comment.”

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