Impeachment boom: Poll finds Trump’s approval ratings highest ever

by WorldTribune Staff, January 29, 2020

The more Democrats and their media allies try to remove the duly elected president, the more popular he gets.

President Donald Trump at a rally in Wildwood, New Jersey on Tuesday. / YouTube

“President Trump gets up every day with the mission of putting America First in all of his decisions. The Democrats begin every day brainstorming about how to bring him down. Americans can see what’s going on, and they’re siding with the president,” Trump 2020 campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh told the Washington Examiner.

The most recent RealClearPolitics job approval poll has President Donald Trump at his highest rating since just after he was inaugurated.

The new poll has the president’s approval rating at 45.6 percent, just 0.4 percent off the record high posted shortly after his inauguration. His disapproval number is 51.7 percent, lower than recent averages.

The average is a running collection of dozens of polls, including Fox, Rasmussen, Washington Post, Politico, and CNN.

The poll represents “a post-impeachment message sure to depress his Democratic detractors and thrill his supporters,” Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard noted on Jan. 28.

Other polls agree. Several have shown that voters approve of the economy, and Trump is beating all but Joe Biden in the latest 2020 head-to-head matchups.

According to The Washington Post, “With just over nine months until Election Day, Americans see Trump as a slight favorite for re-election, with 49 percent expecting him to win and 43 percent predicting that his Democratic challenger will prevail.”

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